Tantraa Killer Heels


Along with my chipmunk-cheeked arm candy, I marched into 158 Designer’s Boulevard at SM Masinag and bought my first pair of Steve Madden bad-ass heels… for Php595! What an absurdly low price! (595 = magic numbers. I seem to have a nose for pricey shoes marked down to Php 595).

These Tantraa varicose vein poppers are probably 2009 leftovers, but who cares? The original price was Php9950.

Honey, that’s not your teether

They look evil and painful and they most likely are especially if used for frolicking on the crudely paved streets of Manila. But for a few minutes of having the height of 5’6″, I’ve convinced myself that they’re comfy and steady and stable.


Sheer Blouse from Warehouse (got it on sale!); skirt from F21

These will most likely render my sclerotherapy useless and will make my feet scream against cruelty after a while but the design, paired with the price, are just too sweet to resist.

Give me more, Steve M.!



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