Lost Season 6 and Prison Break Season 4

(Spoiler Alert)

Oh dear, looks like somebody ran out of ideas…

(…shouldn’t have watched both back to back. With the few hours of sleep I could manage, I dreamed overlapping dreams about the Dharma Initiative and Scylla and the Company…)

This is how my dreams were like…

Michael Scofield… being the smartest (and hottest) guy in the world, was always one step ahead of the evil guys.  The tension and the energy of the first season were intense. I was at the edge of my seat with my  heart racing as I witnessed the countless scenes where he was always at the verge of getting caught or at the verge of being killed… and I sigh in relief as he gets himself out of these tight, crazy spots. Be safe, Michael Scofield. Come home to me, Michael Scofield.

That was in Season 1… and maybe Season 2. After that, the series’ attempt at unpredictability became predictable.  Viewers know that Scofield would always find a way out of his impossibly and ridiculously miserable predicaments.

…so if he’s so smart, why were he and his team always caught off guard whenever people recognized them? Aside from being in the Most Wanted list, they walk in plain sight, standing out amongst the crowd with the scruffy looks and scowls and bad boy swaggers.

Always:  The camera closes in as Scofield scowls and makes that squinty tiger-grrrr brooding look. He waits for a few seconds, then makes an earth shattering revelation or decision in that forced whispery Steven Seagal gruff voice of his. Cue the usual ominous theme music for emphasis and scene fades into black.  Always.

…and what can I say about the others? Former detective Mahone, who was so commanding and so effectively annoying in Season 2 because he could second guess Scofield’s plans, was reduced to a pathetic, mushy shmuck.  Good acting, though. The writers finally realized that the unattractive police officer was not really of any use to Scofield’s team so he was written off via an unconvincing heroic death in a giant water-filled pipe.  I say unconvincing because his character wasn’t exactly the courageous type.  T-Bag, Sucre, Scofield’s useless brother, that sappy doctor, that bionic lady from the Company with the dagger eyes, Scofield’s mom (what the?!?! She’s alive?!?!? And she’s Dr. Evil, too.)… umm… Kellerman (what the?!?! He’s alive?!?!)  I should stop now because there are just too many questions and weak storylines and “duh-yeah-right” moments.

Plus, what’s with all the team ups and then defection and duplicity and lo and behold, bad guy is good at heart after all…

Scofield is always breaking in and out of prisons and offices and homes. After his tremendous and elaborate effort to break out his fake, ungrateful brother from prison, all the other break ins and break outs were just merely tedious.

Finally, it’s over… and I’m over you, Michael Scofield.

Now let’s talk about Lost. Great actors, confusing plots, too many back stories, too many questions left unanswered.

I know there are a lot of philosophical discussion and questions in the web, and maybe some profound answers out there, but my brain would like simple, unfussy answers please.

So, after all everyone has been through, they were just dead and couldn’t move on?!?! That’s how I understand, or misunderstand it.

What was Jacob guarding?

What was that light or ‘heart of the island’ that would somehow entail some epic disaster if destroyed?

Who is Jacob?

Who is the no-name Black Shirt Yin to White Shirt Jacob’s Yang?

Why can Jacob leave the island and his no-name Black Shirt bro can’t? (Or maybe he can! I saw Jacob and no-name guy dropping in a couple of PB episodes as two useless crooks)

Why did no-name guy in black turn into a smoke monster?

Jacob was looking for his replacement as guardian of the island, that’s why the plane crashed. Or was it because of the electromagnetic something field that affected the plane’s machine because that Desmond guy forgot to reset that timer thing?

So if Jacob was looking for his replacement, then why not just ask that guy who looks like the Maroon 5 lead to replace him? He’s immortal, right? (And he’s got the moves like Jagger…can’t resist putting that in) Or why not Benjamin Linus since he seemed so fanatically committed to the island anyway.

What’s the use of Jacob’s replacement if he/she is actually dead?

Because there were so many elements in the show, it just seemed that the writers were undecided about what the island really was. Polar bears, immortality (Ricardus), teleportation (Jacob? or maybe he has a secret plane or sub), conspiracies (The Dharma initiative), “sliding doors-like” universes, ghosts and spirits…

If I totally disregard the unanswered questions, I think the series would come off as one of the most phenomenal shows on tv. I have to admit, I was entertained.

Why did I even watch the finales? Closure.  Sweet ending, though. Finally, the characters can rest and take a bath in the afterlife.


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