Once Upon a Time


A family show — quite a change from the dark comedies/dramas that I am usually drawn to.

The Evil Queen trapped all the fairy tale characters in Storybrooke, Maine, took their happy endings away and made them forget who they are. Promising premise, but the storyline seemed to weaken episode after episode.

After watching “The Game of Thrones”, the special effects, the set, and most of all, the acting in “Once…” are a letdown.

I believe Robert Carlyle is a good actor, but his Rumpelstiltskin cackle becomes annoying after a while.

I was hoping for a “more villainous” villain in the Evil Queen. She wasn’t really very convincing.  I do like it that Snow White was not written as the usual vapid weakling. Prince Charming should be called Prince Boring.  Snow White and Prince Boring’s scenes were so cheesy.

I was hoping that the writers were more inventive with their take on the fairy tale characters but there were just too many allusions to Disney versions.

But if one looks past those things, I have to admit, it was at least entertaining. It was a treat to recognize well loved characters I grew up with and how characters of different stories were made to have stories that intertwined.


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