Hair Story

Amazing what a little makeover can do to release some endorphins that purged the bad and often ridiculous temper I’ve been having on and off for a few months now. I am going to leave the reason why I’ve been such a hag offline but a small part of it may have something to do with that drab haircut and overly high-priced keratin treatment I got from Tony and Guy a few months back (to think that they’re one of the high end salons).

I recently found out about this bubble hair dye from Korea/Japan (yeah, I’m always the last to know) so I bought one in Etude House to try it.  I think I should get a job as a product tester. I like testing products on myself. I’d even be brave enough to try that nightingale poop beauty regimen if I can find it. If the gorgeous Beckhams use it, then I can, too).

There are, I think, only 7 colors of Bubbble Dye. Some colors sounded daunting– Wine Red, Sweet Orange, Mocha Pink, Gold Blonde — ahh… so I’m not that brave after all… (maybe if I were 10-15 years younger)… I just got the dye in Natural Brown. 

I’ve barely opened the box and the product had already gotten a plus from me because it came with a plastic poncho/cape, and the pump container looked too cute. The instructions were in Korean so I had to play Pictionary and guess the instructions using the illustrations.  From what I’ve surmised, this is how to use the product: Pour, Mix (gently, with utmost grace), pump out foam, apply like shampoo. Maybe I should have asked my Dad to translate since he could read a little Korean.

Bubble Hair Dye in Natural Brown

The dye was in foamy white (another plus because it didn’t stain) so I had my doubts on whether the product really worked. Just to be sure, I left the dye on my hair for almost an hour and with eager anticipation, I washed (that conditioning treatment somehow managed the impossible: it made my hair feel soft) and dried it off. Lo and behold! When this Bubble dye said brown, it did mean brown.  Other coloring brands like Revlon and L’oreal just wouldn’t appear as they say on my hair. 

… and with that new haircut that I got from Tony and Jackey, I feel revived! I love you, senior hairstylist Ana from the Tomas Morato branch!

Just look at those horrid bangs before I had the T&J cut.  There’s only my thoughtless hair hacking to blame.

Left: Blehh hair by Tony and Guy, bangs by me (tsk, tsk), hair color: Revlon brown something. Right: Wavy and bouncy hair by Ana of Tony and Jackey, hair color: Bubble in Natural Brown

It doesn’t show in the picture but this magic wand from Etude House matches my new hair color — how very uncharacteristically teenybopper of me (I was a sulky, un-teenybopper even as a teen.) but EH products are affordable especially if one plans to experiment on cosmetics, and EH is the only other interesting store aside from 9West in SM Masinag, where I always end up hanging out with hubby and the little crit almost every weekend.

Etude House color my brows in number 2 –  what a find!


This is how my hair looks under direct sunlight. Looks more red than brown but I like it.

Bubble Hair Dye in Natural Brown

Next time, I’m going to try that Milk Tea Brown Prettia Bubble Hair Dye that I bought online. How exciting!


2 thoughts on “Hair Story

  1. Shamica says:

    Wow ang ganda ng effect sa hair mo.Saludo talaga ako sa T&J pagdating sa haircut. Alam talaga nila ginagawa nila.Mas okay talaga new haircut mo.Mas bumata itsura mo


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