Walking on Cloud 9

…Cloud 9West that is.

What a lovely weekend — bonding with the hubby, bonding with the baby, strolling in the mall as one little newbie happy family… and then I felt that familiar spellbinding tug when I passed by the 9West store and I totally forgot about them, haha evil laugh.

There’s no sign up front but my instincts about these things are dead on. Had to ask the saleslady about the wonder sale before she showed me the P595 shoes. Looks like they’re keeping it a secret now. They even have my number but I didn’t receive a notification. Maybe they have some kind of 9West Mafia going on… but with the magic 595 combo, who cares?

Got a couple of pairs of gladdie sandals for P595 each again!

Nine West Sale! Oh Happy Day!

Bought practical footwear this time — as if I had a choice. These were the only pairs available in my size.

dress, F21; shades, Mango; sandals, 9W

 (Hmm… that red dress looks too much like the Mango LRD that I coveted but which looked ill-fitting on me. tsk..tsk) Lazy weekend get-up… 

shirt and bag, Zara; shorts, F21; sandals, 9W

I can’t wait for the big shoe rack that hubby and I are having built this week! I hope the rack turns out nicely.


6 thoughts on “Walking on Cloud 9

  1. Micah says:

    Oh my god! You are one lucky lady for having that figure after birthing. One of the things I fear about getting pregnant is not being able to lose the pregnancy weight after. Might sound superficial but it’s one of my biggest fears really. and then there’s the pain. I have low tolerance for physical pain. Heaven help me


    • Little Creature says:

      It was quite a relief to “deflate” back into my old self. Not losing the preggy weight was one of my fears as well. Maybe it was because of all those sleepless nights these past few months, hehe.


      • Micah says:

        Well if that’s the case I’ll be really looking forward to those sleepless nights after giving birth if it means deflating back to my old (albeit not so skinny but acceptable) figure 😉 And oh, I think you have to thank your parents too for the genes!


      • Micah says:

        I think so too. There’s an ALDO outlet store that I visit and their shoes are priced at 800-1500 a pair. And I thought those were cheap. You’ve got quite a steal there. I think we’re driving to SM Masinag soon. Lol


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