Meet Mr. Reese and Mr. Finch

Have just finished watching Person of Interest. Cool!

Machine detects information leading to criminal and terrorist acts before they happen and computer genius Mr. Finch and ex-CIA agent Mr. Reese set out to save would-be victims — an unlikely pairing with great onscreen chemistry.  Some of their exchanges were funny. I’ve read some reviews on the series and there were some who compare it with the movie Minority Report. How about, uh, nooo! All I could remember about the Minority Report was how it just showcased Tom Cruise’s superstar appeal and how he could still do action and stunts despite ageing knees. Or was that in the Mission Impossible movies? Maybe I’m just not a TC fan. I did like him as Lestat in Interview with the Vampire though.

Back to POI. Mr. Reese is cool but a little too brooding for me.  I like the character Mr. Finch and I like the actor who plays him, Michael Emerson. (Oh, look, Benjamin Linus got off the “Lost” island and he’s not merely a Dharma initiative employee. He’s a billionaire! He looks like an older, dark haired version of Tintin.) He has proven that he’s got a talent for comedy during that episode when he was drugged with Ecstasy. Now that really made me laugh. 

Thought this was just another one of those series with standalone episodes.  It wouldn’t hurt to miss a couple of episodes, right? It felt that way during the first four episodes and I was about to give up like I did with “New Amsterdam”.  Thankfully, things started looking up during that episode with fixer Zoe Morgan. The series finale was quite unexpected, too. Thanks for proving me wrong, J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan.  

Speaking of “New Amsterdam”, I ditched it after a few episodes. John Amsterdam has lived for about 400 years because he has been ‘cursed’ with immortality (way cool!) but he will become mortal again once he finds his true love (way cliché!). The episodes were so boring that I almost forgot I even watched the show. Too bad.


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