How could a fairy tale lover resist a show that has been described as “a cop drama with a twist… a dark and fantastical project about a world in which characters inspired by the Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales exist.” (Wikipedia)

Detective Nick, a descendant of the long line of creature hunters known as the Grimms (uh-oh, beware, Little Creature), has the power to see creatures/monsters past their human forms.  Cool, right?

One would think that. But after watching a few episodes, I couldn’t resist asking, so what?

Spoiler alert: The word of the day is LAME.

It does make his job seem easier, seeing the creature in true form, having an inkling that the creature is somehow connected to the crime… but it makes the plot predictable. How is this any different from any other cop show wherein the central character has this knack for sniffing out the a*$e# of nasty people? Aside from the unimpressive CGI, that is.

I wonder why the creatures or Wesens are s-s-s-scared of Detective Nick. Sure, he can see them in their true forms, but again, so what? What’s so s-s-s-scary about that? What a lame super power. What a lame character.  He’s so lame, I sometimes forget that he’s even on screen. Lame buddy cop. Lame girlfriend. The only interesting character is the reformed Blutbad who provides a few low intensity haha moments.

I wonder how Detective Nick gets to easily identify the Wesens he saw in person with just a flip of a few pages of some illustrated books when most of them looked alike.  Either that or he would just consult his Blutbad freund. He has it so easy.

I wonder why he stored his dead Buffy-the-vampire-slayer-auntie’s trailer with all the antique weapons and thingamajigs in some yard when he could have put these in his house. Detective Nick is too lame to realize the monetary and historical value of the items. Worried about his lame girlfriend finding about his lineage and incredible power? She’s too lame to snoop around.

I wonder why all these Wesens are converged in their townslashcity. I would think that over the centuries, they would have dispersed. It would have been more compelling if the crimes were happening across the country or even around the world. But then again, with his measly cop salary, how could Detective Nick afford to travel the world to hunt them? Sell the antique weapons? Looks like he doesn’t need them anyway. You’d think that because he’s some hunter/slayer of the Grimm family he’d be brandishing a fascinating and indestructible weapon crafted by the Dwarves of Middle Earth. But, no. He’s got a gun. Yawn. Even I can use that, silly.  

 …and what’s with that townslashcity? The area of responsibility seemed too expansive for small town cops. Or maybe they aren’t small town cops. I just assumed they were. How come all the crimes occur within their jurisdiction? How come all the crime were perpetrated by the Wesens or involve Wesens?

 I’m halfway through the first Season and I could stop now since all the episodes I’ve watched were standalones. Plots are almost always the same:

Something bad happens, Tweedledee and Tweedledum start solving crimes (they get lab results really quickly! Even Dexter Morgan isn’t that fast.), A Wesen is involved, Nick asks Blutbad freund for help, Blutbad freund shows the usual reluctance and exasperation but helps anyway, Nick catches problem creature. The end. Time for the next episode. Something bad happens, Tweedledee and Tweedledum start solving crimes, A Wesen is involved, Nick asks Blutbad freund for help, Blutbad freund is less reluctant to help this time, Nick catches problem creature. The end. Time for the next episode.  Repeat 3x. The only noticeable difference is that Blutbad freund becomes more eager to help out episode after episode. Lame Tweedledum Detective Buddy is so lame that he doesn’t even wonder or figure out Blutbad freund’s regular involvement in crime solving.

There’s an air of mystery around the Chief of the Police, hinting that he’s something more than a boss. But the air of mystery is just too lame to pique my interest.

Looks like I got a little carried away with my harsh review.  I’m just sulking. I had high hopes for it so now I’m feeling cheated.

One thing I like: the creatures’ sort of German names. They roll off my tongue so nicely I’m thinking of picking a fight just so I can call someone a Bauerschwein or a Hexenbiest or a Siegbarste. Maybe there’s an episode with a Jeraffee in it.

Did I mention that I studied superbasic German so many years ago? I used to be able to sing nursery rhymes in German. So what, you ask? It’s just like Nick’s power. Lame and useless. Had fun though.



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