Crimes on TV

 Too many crimes! Too many dead people! Thank goodness our trusty (and hot) detectives and medical examiners and FBI agents and psychics and blood spatter analyst SLASH serial killer  (of course!) are here to catch the baddies!

This is sad though. I’ve watched too many shows that I can’t remember a single episode of Criminal Minds anymore. I know that there’s a team of FBI Profilers who solve crimes but I can’t remember a single character . Mandy Patinkin is in the show and I know he’s some brilliant profiler and then there’s “Greg” from the old series Dharma and Greg (I will always see him as Greg because he’s just so Greg-ish in all his roles. Even his hair is Greg-ish. You gotta at least laud him for consistency) but I can’t recall what they did exactly. I do recall enjoying the episodes but I don’t know why. I guess the plots in each episode are good.

I can’t remember The Mentalist anymore than the Criminal Minds but the lead character had a charming and mischievous smile which enticed me to watch the series. I think I also enjoyed it (the series, not just the smile). I had thought that it would be similar to the Medium where the lead character uses some extra sensory power to solve crimes but the character here, Patrick Jane, just posed as a fake psychic to earn money and then cleaned up his act and used his powers of deduction and hunches in solving crimes. Entertaining.,, but somewhat similar to other crime series.

You gotta admit, Dana Delaney is just too sexy for her age but like the two series above, I can’t remember specific episodes in the Body of Proof. It is some medical/crime series, that’s all I know. I watched it because I like shows with strong female characters. Girl Power! Yeah! She reminds me of Patricia Cornwell’s Dr. Kay Scarpetta. Now, I would like to see Cornwell’s books made into a tv show.

Lie to Me has something that has never been done before. Dr. Cal Lightman and his team belong to an agency which assists in criminal investigations by applying psychology, the interpretation of microexpressions, and body language (I’d say his knack for it is infinitely more useful and fascinating to watch than Detective Nick’s Grimm power.)  Some plots of some episodes feel the same after a while though. Someone is always lying and viewers know that Lightman will always get the baddies because he’s so smart, but I’ve watched until the third season because Tim Roth’s portrayal of Lightman is simply riveting… and that’s not a lie!

Most of the episodes of The Medium have standalone plots but I didn’t want to miss any because the Dubois family was such a delight. I like it that Allison is such a strong character. Joe is such a loyal and loving hubby.  Allison’s often quirky relationship with the spirit world elicited quite a few laughs from me. I wasn’t expecting it but the show had heart and humor.  I always looked forward to the opening dream sequences.

Girl Power! Yeah! Now, Y’all should watch The Closer. Most of the episodes are just the regular crime investigations with resolutions at the end but Kyra Sedgwick is absolutely brilliant  and funny as Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson.  She’s charming, sexy, smart, and strong. She’s made to be so real: so effective in her job and yet such a scatterbrain in her personal life. Her secret stash of sweets add a nice touch to humanize her character ( Reminds me of my own secret stash. I want that chocolate pie she eats with such relish).   I initially thought she was a Hexenbiest but she grew on me. Actually, all those in her team aren’t really that lovable at first but episode after episode, they just grew on me. Their interactions with each other were quite hilarious. Brenda’s got a cat , too, so how can I not love this show?

Wondering how I am able to watch so many shows when I’ve been whining about having no time for myself and some quality shut-eye because of the Little Crit? You think I’m just another whiny couch potato? Ha. I’ve been pumping my mammies while watching the series. They help me time the sessions, too. 2 episodes of “The Office” and “P&R” equal to 1 pumping session. An episode of “The Closer” is 1 session.  Sometimes I even munch on junk food or do sitting yoga positions while doing those things. Now that’s what I call multi-tasking!


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