Good Sleep… There You Are!

…for  both the hairy man-creature and baby-creature anyway.  

Caught on camera! Evil baby foot smothers lazy hairy man

Me? Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just there on the other side of the bed, sulking…longing for the ever elusive perfect zzzzs… and turning neon green with envy as I glower at the heartless schmucks gloating in their sleep (what an outrage!!!) … yes, I am taking their infuriatingly serene expressions and REMs as a direct affront against me. The father creature even has the audacity to accentuate his gloating with rhythmic monster snores of varying volume. (He’s musically challenged – oh yes you are , siree –  but when it comes to acousticZZZZ, he doesn’t miss a beat).


3 thoughts on “Good Sleep… There You Are!

    • Little Creature says:

      Thank you! It’s like I’m running low on batteries every single day. I just draw strength and energy from my little baby’s sleepy-just-woke-up smiles. They’re the only ones that keep me going 🙂 Just browsed your blog, btw. I hope you get some sleep, too 🙂


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