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Gripping! Let’s hope it will be, ‘til the last drop. Claire Danes’ performance in this show is brilliant. Yes, I sound like all the other tv critics and I’m not really a CD fan but she’s just brilliant. Has Sgt. Brody been turned or not? Why? Why not? Those are the questions…


“I’m awake with my wife and I close my eyes, I open them. I’m awake with my son.”

Is Detective Britten a.k.a Daddylicious Luscious Lucius Malfoy (try saying that out loud), living in parallel worlds? Which is real? Which one isn’t? I was just about to rejoice about hitting another quality tv series jackpot, but I’ve just found out that the series has been cancelled, hence the “Save Awake” movement.  I’m not sure how it will fare after a few more seasons of waking from one reality to another.  That could get boring after a while. Detective Britten did say in one of his therapy sessions that he did not plan to “progress” if it meant having to choose between the two realities.  Now that would be the perfect justification if the show does go on for a few more seasons with no progressing story arc.

Warehouse 13 

So-so.It was one of those shows that I watched without using much of my little grey cells. I guess you could call it entertaining, but sadly, forgettable. My train of thought though, somehow zeroes in on the word “trivial”. Maybe it’s the script.  Plus, I wasn’t convinced that the two agents were ex-Secret Service. They seemed so unprofessional and petty with their bickering. There are cool artifacts, though, and I’d like to go to Warehouse 13 to snoop around. I wonder why the Warehouse 13 office looked so dim and outdated. It looks like the Warehouse Management has some budget for safekeeping the dangerous artifacts but the set reminded me of that old warehouse in Indy Jones 1 where the Ark was stored away.  I wonder why the guys are using the Farnsworth communicator thingie when an IPhone or a BB would have been so much easier. It looked cool and steampunkish but other than that, what’s the point?


So-so. It was one of those shows that I watched without using much of my grey cells. I guess you could call it entertaining, but sadly, forgettable. Oh wait, I’ve said that already.

The Event

Bleh! How frustrating… looks like a Lost wannabe… conspiracies, weird science…weird people… a vanishing airplane (maybe it will reappear in the Lost island)…but the comparison stops there.  ZZZZ… oh, for a moment there, I must have hit the snooze button and fallen asleep. The Event is the most unexciting event. In Lost, the cast was good.

Terra Nova

Bleh! How frustrating… looks like a Lost wannabe… Oh wait, I’ve said that already… but in Lost, the cast was good… to think that I had such high hopes, with Spielberg being the Executive Producer.

Walking Dead

Someone find a Peashooter!  Quick!

I like Zombies, hehehe.. and I like the nasty and vicious zombies in the show. Now those are stuff nightmares are made of! … and well, I kind of like having nightmares where I am being chased by zombies and vampires and dinosaurs and Gru minions … so there. They look much “better” than those CGI zombies in “I am Legend”, too.


American Horror Story

Loving the “nice” gothic mood.  Good acting skills. There were really some creepy and disturbing parts. Felt sad about the daughter when she found out she was #*&%! BLEEP SPOILER ALERT … but I’m not sure if I like the story.

The Game of Thrones

Nothing I say will do the series justice. 5 STARS! Khaleesi rocks!

“I am a Khaleesi of the Dothraki! I am the wife of the great Khal and I carry his son inside me! The next time you raise a hand to me will be the last time you have hands”…(ouch!)

“I am Daenerys Stormborn, of House Targaryen, or the blood of Old Valyria. I am the dragon’s daughter and I swear to you that those who would harm you will die Screaming.”


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