Tonight, Tonight…

“…won’t be just any night. Tonight there will be no morning star. Tonight, tonight, I’ll see Billy Corgan tonight!!!”

Errrr… wrong song but the words were spot on about tonight being not just any night. Plus there really won’t be any morning star. I just won’t be seeing Billy Corgan, that’s all. Here I was, thinking that I was going to watch the SP concert tonight with hubby and my friend C and her hubby. I’ve waited for years for tonight, tonight! But thank you, Billy Corgan, for postponing the concert to tomorrow night.

And why is that, you ask?

Well, there’s only this Flood/Rain-Which-Had-Not-Been-Named that put everyone on house arrest…

“Unlike 2009’s Ondoy, the deluge of August 7 was not accompanied by a storm, hence the absence of a common handle for a flood that easily recalled its infamous predecessor. The disaster is far from over, as forecasters say Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon will continue to experience heavy rain until Thursday. The southwest monsoon is being enhanced by a tropical storm near Taiwan. blahblahblah…” just search Google…
 The government never learns and we the people, suffer for it. (“…tonight, so bright, tonight, we’ll crucify the insincere tonight…”)

As the Marikina River, which is just a few kilometers away from my parents’ home, continues to swell, the water level in front of our house also rises. As of this afternoon, this is how it looks like outside:

Look to the left…

Greetings from Frost. That’s my OBGYN’s house on the right, btw.

Look to the right…

Vroom, vroom, as our driver tries to brave the waters in his bike…

Over 20,000 people evacuated from their homes. Thousands of motorists stranded. Floods in some areas have risen to waist or even neck levels…

I guess my family and I are still lucky, if you could call it that, considering that I can still go outside and take pictures of the rising waters… in my Plueys Wellingtons, of course.  I just couldn’t resist. Well, I gotta find something to do other than watch the depressing news on TV.

Oh no! My precious Wellies!… but that’s what they’re actually for, right?

If the rains really do not let up, the water will seep through the first level of our house.

inside our gates…bow-legged posing like those gurls in Lookbook… and no, those aren’t doorknobs. Those are my knees.

At least Baby T is enjoying the house arrest with everyone at home trapped with him to shower him with attention.


UPDATE: August 8 in the morning:

The view from the veranda

Flood has risen.

Outside our gates, the flood has risen. i think I need a new pair of Wellies… thigh-high Wellies.

Oh no! No trip to the park for baby today!

The Creatures look on as the water level rises

But that does not mean we are not going to have a little fun!

Playing with paper boats

Wheeee! But, really, yuck.

A little frolic in the flood.

P.S. August 8, evening. The flood level continues to rise. Water is almost seeping inside our house. The concert will push through tonight. In a few hours, Billy C will be belting out SP songs in that distinctive, nasal voice of his, and I won’t be there to head bang and scream my tonsils out 😦

Curse you, Rain/Flood-Which-Had-Not-Been-Named!


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