Battleships Galore!

Introducing my brother M’s World War II armada — an armada of miniature scale models of battleships and destroyers and aircraft carriers, that is.


Such attention to detail and enthusiasm for his craft are quite admirable and thus, merit some sort of tribute. I can’t even remember ever feeling such a way for, umm… things. To me, all objects are dispensable and replaceable and my interests in them are fleeting.  I am seldom sentimental, hence the short stints


I do have a collection of postage stamps which I inherited from my dad, and which he inherited from his aunt. Philately was something I used to share with my dad but as expected, my interest dwindled throughout the years. I am in fact, only remembering now that I actually have postage stamps. Come to think of it, maybe it is time to revisit my moldy collection. I will save that for another post.


I found the photos in my SD card – there’s no copyright and the card is my property and thus I reserve the right to upload the pics. My SD card, my rules. How’s that for a tribute? Hehehe…


 My brother’s interest in the teeny fleet may have been influenced by our navy dad.


The shots by Bro M were beautifully done, too, one could almost believe that these ships are floating on calm evening seas instead of resting on a dirty wooden table.

The tiny ships  are so detailed one could almost expect naval officers and sailors to walk on deck any time now.


Is that Popeye on the fo’c’sle?

No, it’s Rose Dewitt Bukater. She’s flying, Jack! She’s flying!!!


One item in my bucket list (I realized only now that I have one) is to board an aircraft carrier. My Bro will kill me if I try to board this one.

P.S. Just wait until the Little Creature sees these. Real battle will definitely commence!


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