Let It Snoe

In my never-ending effort to restore the original skin tone of my tummy, I came across Snoe Beauty. That patch of skin on middle me is my only claim to a white (or pasty, to be precise) complexion, and it darkened to about three shades after it shriveled back to almost but not quite its original size from childbirth a few months ago.  I say shriveled because it isn’t as firm as it used to be.

As I was saying, my online quest led me to Snoe Beauty. One can’t miss it because the products seem to be the latest craze among local beauty bloggers. Not wanting to be left behind by the bandwagon, I jumped in and sampled a few of the products.

Like? Yeah! Why?

– there’s a dainty, charming and youthful quality to the packaging;

– the products are affordable;

– Snoe Beauty is a local company.


I’ve tried a couple of soaps for the last two months and I am skeptical about the claim to whiten the skin (tummy complexion has not changed), but the soaps did not dry out my skin and did not leave it itchy and reddish after every bath unlike other bar soaps.

Last night was my first time to use the Magic Apple Whitening S-rub. I liked the cool, minty feeling on my skin but it made me wonder if I will ever get the product off my face. I had prepared myself for the different reactions of everyone once they see me go out of the bathroom looking like a Kabuki actor: sister’s poker face, mom’s whutthe…?!?, hubby’s insulting hahahahaha (more hahaha), and baby’s giggles (he does like seeing me look ridiculous).

 I rubbed and massaged and wiped and rubbed and massaged and wiped… It was tricky, but when I finally sloughed off the product and the dead skin cells from my face, my undead skin was left intact (whew!) and it felt soft to the touch. My skin turned a bit pinkish and there was a warm sensation on my cheeks, most likely because of all that friction. Oh, well, let’s try again, shall we?

Then there is the Snoe White Vitamin C-Rich Calamansi Whitening Detox Clay Mask. Again, I am not sure about its claim to whiten the skin. I’ve been using the product for about a month now, and I am far from looking like Snow White. Maybe the product should be called Neytiri Detox Clay Mask. I look more like a member of the Na’vi Tribe when I slather the goop on my face.

Yes, I slather. I like the texture of the thick goop on my face and I like the feeling of it when it dries up on my face. When I rinse it off, there’s this tightening sensation, making me think that the manhole size pores on my cheeks have gotten smaller. They haven’t, but I do appreciate the “deceptive” feeling of shrunken pores (as long as I don’t look in the mirror too closely).

Will I buy this product again?

Oh, oui, absolument!

What’s the deciding factor?


Effective or not, I will use this product over and over, if only to elicit some laughs from the little boss. Like I said, he likes seeing me look ridiculous.  

If only adults are that easy to please.  I have only to show my Blue Man Group face and they would love me unconditionally for it.


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