Lesson of the Month: Persistence

The Little Creature turns 10 months old today!

Yeah, so he still can’t figure out how to chew solid food and some skeptics may say that the series of syllables that they heard from the mouth of the babe sounded vaguely like “anyanya”.  But I know the smart Little Creature said “banana” and I refuse to accept otherwise.

He teeters, he totters, he stands up, his face in total concentration as he tries to steady himself, then he grins in amazement as he experiments with this new stuff called balance. He holds his stance and looks around at his admiring public to share his triumph.

Proud Dada!

look at that proud little face!

Then he falls as he attempts to take a step. He tries to stand up several times again and he does it, too, but his chubby limbs just wouldn’t hold steady. Not yet, Little Boy, I wanted to comfort him. But someday… some week… some month, soon, we will frolic together. He’s not one to get disheartened, though.

En pointe, ball change, turn, and demi plie… make way for baby Nureyev!

Each contact of his baby bum to the ground is a blow to my heart, but I resist from scooping him up and comforting him. I did try to reach out my arms to him a couple of times but he swatted them away. Looks like he is determined to learn by himself. 

With a bright grin, he tries to stand up once more and he even laughs as his knees give out.


Discouragement is just too long a word to be in his baby vocabulary but persistence isn’t. Now, that’s the spirit, baby!


2 thoughts on “Lesson of the Month: Persistence

  1. mogispie says:

    My son will be 9 months old 7 September. Everyday he seems to be doing something new or getting better at things he’s learnt. Its so amazing to watch them develop right before your eyes.

    Well done on the standing baby. Love your blog *following* 😉


    • Little Creature says:

      I know, right? Time flies so noticeably fast when you witness your baby growing and developing. It is unbelievable how he could have been inside me a year ago because he’s grown so big these past few months!

      Thank you for following and happy birthday in advance to your son 🙂


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