The Bouncing, Bubbly, (and Moody) Baby Bum

So much energy packed into such a chunky little bundle.

Why go to a gym when all I need to do to exercise is chase this little man all over the place?

Does my mom feed him coffee when I’m away?

Maybe, all that caffeine I’ve chugged down during my pregnancy seeped inside his liquid living quarters/chow and have produced a hyperactive little creature.

(Umm, no, baby, that’s not my nipple.)

His bouncy baby bum is an annoying reminder, too, that I’m not getting any younger. My ageing back can’t take all that stooping from guiding him to walk and run and stomp anymore.

(evil Mini-Me cackle)

… and then there are the moods. How could one little being with a 10 month life experience suddenly have moods? Sometimes, he’s the happiest little baby. Sometimes, he’s the grouchiest old man.

Don’t get me wrong. The Little Creature could be such a hunny bunny most of the time. Like what his shirt says, “when he smiles, he can get away with anything.”

But there are times… aaarrghh, there are times…

…when he could be such a diva.  He acts as if I’m the most cruel person in the world (oh, yes you are, mommy. All I want is your love and attention but how dare you just sit by and take pictures of my crumpled face? You even had the gall to laugh at it… and post it!) 

…especially when he gets bored.

We’ve tried countless ways to distract him.

From an Apple (wink! wink!) a day…

…to even some Starbucks.  (Umm, maybe that’s why he’s so full of energy: Placebo Starbucks, hehe) 

But after a minute or two, he would get bored and would start to throw away or drop whatever he’s holding. Last night, he dropped the TV remote control on my big toe with such force, that it most likely bruised underneath the black nail polish. He has even began to bite my shoulders and fingers and he’d laugh like a fiend when I’d cry out in pain. I wonder where he learned  to cackle at people’s pain.

Note:  He always wants something new. We tried to rotate toys, bringing out the old toys he has discarded a month before to play with again, but the trick never did work. He can distinguish the old stuff from the new stuff.

The latest distraction which has exceeded expectations thus far, are the Surf Bubbleman and the Colgate Brush, Brush Brush 3x a Day commercials.  Looks like there are a lot babies who are held spellbound by both commercials, judging from the comments in YouTube. I wonder where I can get a Stuffed Bubbleman toy.

It could be the jingles or the oozing cuteness, but whatever subliminal messages the ads are sending to the little creature’s baby brain, they are working!  His theatrics are put on hold as he gazes in a trance at the hovering Surf Bubbleman or at the Colgate purple bunny, the mascot tooth and the 3 cute kids dancing and shaking giant toothbrushes over their heads. Move over, Spongebob.

I’ve resorted to playing the Colgate commercial over and over and over in YouTube.


Oooh, mesmerizing!


The exasperating screeches, which the little creature has learned from the family cockatoo by the way, will without a doubt, cease, but peace and quiet is far from attainable. That Last Song Syndrome is likely to drive me mad. “Brush, brush, brush, three times a day… brush , brush, brush to keep cavities away…”

Let’s hope the ads will work continue to work on him until he’s in his teens. 


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