Weekend Workout

I’ve been wanting to go back to the gym but this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind…


We got a membership for the Little Creature at the Gymboree last weekend and hubby and I got a good workout as well. It’s not just for babies and toddlers!

We scurried, lunged, jogged, squatted, crawled, inched on our bellies, did baby weight lifting, and even managed toddler traffic to avoid bumps and injuries as the Little Creature rolled and bounced on the mats, scaled the stairs, staggered on the planks, sashayed down the slides, went through the kiddie pipes and chitchatted with the other little creatures in not just one Gymboree but three Gymboree branches. Three!

Serendra on Saturday – There weren’t too many babies so the Little C was able to crawl and stumble along.


Trinoma on Sunday – too crowded! The equipment and toys were dirty. Some of the older kids were rowdy with no supervision and I thought we’d never get the little C out in one piece.

Greenbelt 5 on Monday (it was a holiday!)–It was crowded at first but at least most of the kids playing were in the Li’l C’s age group.


All in all a great weekend for spending some Q time with Baby T and for exercising. For some reason, though, he ignored us most of the time and chose to stagger or crawl after the other babies or make googoo eyes at the nannies and moms in the area.

What’s an even greater way to TOP the weekend off?

My new TOPshop high TOPs! 

For scampering after the baby in style! I got them at 10% off, because of the teeny smudge somewhere on the rubber sole. 

What’s so special about them? On the outside, they look like any other high tops. But, shhh…they’re really wedges masquerading as sneakers – a neat little trick that adds three inches to my height! And yes, I can run in them. They’re surprisingly cushy.  (I’m currently coveting the Isabel Marant Willow Wedge Sneakers but for now, the Topshop ones will do. Someday, Willow, you will be mine!)

I was about to buy a bag, but the Little C chose that time to poop and Topshop was starting to stink so I had to cut my shopping short to rush off to the nearest washroom.

Looks like Gymboree is now part of the weekend itinerary.

Here’s to the sweetest donut filling!



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