Basti’s Birthday Bash

Has it been a year since C gave birth to this Little Monkey?

Look at them go crazy over balloons and their admiring public.  If they’re such a handful now with their unsteady feet and wobbly legs, I shudder to think of what they will do to our ageing spines once they start running around.

Ummm… no, Tristan. It’s not your birthday.  It’s like looking at a baby angel and a baby devil.  Obviously, I’m not holding the angel.

I shudder even more, when I think of the mischief that the Little Creature has in store for me.  Sure, it’s so cute now, but next year and the years to come… shudder, shudder. At least I still have time to develop a skin as thick as a rhino’s and to prepare for the moments when the Little Creature will behave wildly or throw tantrums in public while the people around would shake their heads and tsk-tsk about what a bad mom I am.

Here’s to surviving one year of motherhood, C!


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