Double, Double Toil and Trouble…

Well, I wouldn’t really call her a witch. She’s a fortune teller. I just couldn’t resist using the incantation as the title to put on airs, show off that my Shakespeare knowledge base goes beyond Romeo and Juliet…

Errr, ok, I admit, I just couldn’t think of a catchy title.

Going back to the main nonsensical reason why I published this post…

Last Friday, lunch was chicken, rice, iced tea and fortune without the cookie.

So yeah, I consulted a fortune teller, out in public, outside the restaurant where my officemates and I had lunch, and where all the passersby could see us and maybe make fun of us.

Colleague 1 knows a fortune teller personally and Colleague 2 who regularly consults fortune tellers, invited me to join them. Not one to pass up a new experience that would no doubt lead to some odd results, I came along for the fun of it. I guess you could also say that it’s part of my research. It’s high time I revive my half-hearted interest in the mystical and the occult, anyway. My tarot decks are just collecting dust.

But where is the crystal ball? I thought, as a middle-aged woman with a little girl in tow approached us. She looked just like any other regular middle-aged woman with a seemingly cheerful disposition.

Because I had to return to the office right after lunch (I have a daily appointment at the Mother’s Room), I went first.

Be gentle, Madame Nostradamus, it’s my first time.

I thought I could learn a thing or two about her technique, but she used regular playing cards instead of Tarot cards.  Her spreads were also not anything I’ve ever seen in my previous researches. Maybe she invented her own spread.

I am not sure if I am a total believer in the occult but I must say I was a little excited.

What she did:  She brought out a new deck of cards, laid them on the table face down on her hanky, held her hands over the deck and said a silent prayer… or a nursery rhyme, for all I know.

She shuffled the cards a few times, asked me to cut them in 3 mini decks after, and told me to make a wish. We did this for three times for three spreads. After reading each spread, she would say in a delighted tone of voice, “wish granted!” But what wish? I think I was too excited to think of wishes so during the silences when she expected me to think of wishes, my mind was blank.

Sometimes, during the readings, my mind would get distracted by the cards. I kept trying to recall their equivalent images in Tarot.  Maybe that was why somewhere in the middle of the reading, Madame Fortune Teller, said she was confused by the reading. My mind was wandering. Throughout the reading, too, she chuckled once in a while, as if she knew a naughty little secret about me. A regular oddball if I ever saw one, in an amusing sort of way.

So, what did the cards say?

Quit being such a spendthrift. Save money! But isn’t that the usual lame advice of the elders to the foolish youth? (Yes, I consider myself still in the youth bracket.) Not one to heed such a lame advice, my mind went into “whatever!” mode.

An unexpected windfall is coming, but I should be wise, lest it turn into misfortune and heartbreak. Looks like the grand lotto price has reached some P220M now. Maybe I should join the lemmings and place my bet.

Good luck resides in my home. I don’t know about that but I do know someone with good looks resides in my home (wink! wink! ahem, ahem! hehe). Hmmm… maybe that’s why the waters didn’t seep into the house in Frost during the recent flooding. The gods of fortune has kept the water at the threshold.

I would own a house in three months or three years. More like three decades, but if I bet on the lottery and win this month, I really could buy a house in three months. So it all ties up together!

I shouldn’t have married someone younger. He will only make me cry. But not if I make you cry first! Ok, so where did she get this idea? She asked me if I have a boyfriend who’s younger than me because she said that it could lead to no good. I said I was already married… to a younger guy. She was dismayed. Tsk, tsk, she said.

Another man will fall in love with me. He will come into my life pretty soon. “By the pricking of my thumbs! Something wicked this way comes! Open, locks, whoever knocks!” Lo and behold, it’s Adam Levine. Maroon 5 has a concert in Manila this September. Even if I am not watching the concert, I have a feeling that Adam Levine and my paths will cross somewhere and he will be captivated by my charm and beauty. “Double, double, toil and trouble” indeed.

Someone older who lives in the house with me is ill.  But aren’t most older people at one time or another, unwell? Anyway, the good luck residing in my home should protect him/her. 

Throughout the readings, I barely asked questions or shared information. I just let the fortune teller prophesize about how my life will be in the near future.

I wonder why she didn’t say anything about my career. Maybe she sensed that it isn’t really as important to me as the other things like money, family, the other man…

Too bad that the resto manager noticed us and shooed us away so we had to finish up the session quickly.

I am not one to discredit seers or clairvoyance or the mystic. There are a lot of unexplainable stuff out there. The main reason why I got so engaged in the readings was not because I totally believed that she could “see” my future but because hearing her talk about me, my life, my “likely” future fed my starving ego. Here’s self-centered me talking again.

So, should one consult a fortune teller? Well, if you are a worrywart, an alarmist, a pessimist, and all the synonyms of these words, then don’t.

I know I am not any of those things so I have a feeling that Madame Fortune Teller and I will see each other again sometime just for the fun of it. She’s one eccentric character.


2 thoughts on “Double, Double Toil and Trouble…

  1. mogispie says:

    Warning religious beliefs ahead 😉
    According my religion nothing & nobody except God can tell the future. These fortune tellers use ‘misguided’ spirit minions to do some sneaking and tell them certain facts about the client and they make up stories surrounding those facts.

    On other occasions fortune tellers can be total frauds. I watched an episode of Chris Angel pretending to be a fortune teller… he told a few people male and female all the same thing (ambiguous things that could apply to anyone) and they were amazed at how ‘accurate’ he was.


    • Little Creature says:

      Thanks for the insight 🙂 When my colleagues and I compared notes after the readings, we found out that the fortune teller said almost the same ambiguous things to us. She never did say anything specific. We just laughed it off. I have to admit, the fortune teller was funny. I am sure I won’t be consulting her on life changing decisions but if my colleagues invite me to see her once more, I just might, just to be entertained.


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