More Online Purchases

Went online shopping again last month. I just haven’t had the time to check out all the items before, hence the delayed posting.


Look at those busy, prying hands.  The Little Creature conducts goods receipt and quality check. Pass or fail? One would think that the stuff is for him.

There really are a lot of kitschy finds at Little Emily. Heard that my friend A also splurged at the online store.

Aside from the spin pins and the TouchBeauty lash curler (and maybe that Korean sponge curler), I do not know how useful the other thingamajigs I purchased are but they’re cheap so it isn’t such a risk to buy and experiment. The cheapness is what is so addictive about it.

I bought a half dozen lash curlers for my friends for the wholesale price of P45 each.  After more than 20 years of friendship… cheap, M, cheap.

I bought:

The Low Back Bra Strap 3 piece pack @ P85 for low back dresses. I have not tried it but it could probably be of some use.

More Spin Pins 10piece pack @ P30. I have alread misplaced those that I have ordered previously hence the need for replenishment.

Mascara Guide @P15 (obviously that blue thing on my face) – feels more tedious than uncomplicated. Maybe I just need some practice.

Bangs Curler Clip @ P25 (obviously that pink thing on my forehead) – claims to help the user “get that perfect side swept bangs“. But how??? There were no instructions provided. Or maybe there was, I just couldn’t read the Chinese characters. 

The Massage Spa Protech Face Massager @ P150 – claims to reduce sun damage, reduce pore size, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and firm skin and muscle tone.

Does it work? Well, all I can attest to is that funny buzzing sound and tingling sensation on my cheeks. I have tried it only a couple of times and if my soul had taken possession of someone else’s body and saw empty body me using it, I’d definitely ridicule empty me.

Wanna have shinny skin? You gotta admire its ‘ergonomic’ design, though. Now, that’s something my workplace totally supports. Safety first!



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