I Watched A Game Show Last Night

No, it’s not Jeopardy. I wish.

But whutthemuthufffuh….? After a deluge of snooty reviews on TV shows that I found disappointing, there I was, inside the Wil Time Big Time studio…. in front row. My second time around. The first time was last December. The second time was last night. You’re such a hypo-creature, M!

dance, gullible people, dance!

I am no fan of the show and I am definitely no fan of the host. I think he’s arrogant, offensive and artificial. I also can’t say much about the quality of the show but if it extends some sort of assistance and provides entertainment to the masses, then who am I to snoot about? The common misconception that the help being given to the less fortunate people is from Mr. Game Show Host himself is frustrating though. Ummm… no folks, that’s not his money that he’s giving away.  Anyway, I went (twice!) because of my coworkers. One of them who’s got lots of friends in high places, gets VIP seats anytime her family wants to watch the show. She offers us the seats once in a while. So what the show lacks, my coworkers make up for with the company they provide. Hanging out with them is fun — it’s like watching a live comedy show. The recent addition of two gay guys to the pack causes even more hilarity.

Another reason I went last night was just so I could take this shot. Hehe.

Jologs!(Cheap/tacky) They say. Yeah, but this tacky lady is in her Topshop wedge sneakers.

My parents and the rest of the household did find it entertaining to see millisecond glimpses of my arm, my hair, the back of my head, or even the whole me cheesy dancing on TV.

Sigh. The things you do, M…


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