Sadako in Prettia Milk Tea Brown

Having white hair sucks. I used to rationalize: they’re white highlights! My overly perky, unconvincing thought bubbles said. Highlights that represent the “highlights” of my life!

Duh. Tell that to the marines.

I usually dye my hair 1-2 x a month. Unfortunately, my Do-It-Myself experimentations often lead to patchy, uneven-colord hair (and neck!) and messy, dye-spattered bathroom walls and floors. I often end up at the salons a week after to have my roots recolored. Just like what happened 2 weeks ago.

I don’t usually like the process of dyeing but I had been looking forward to it that time just so I could use the Prettia Bubble Hair in Milk Tea Brown that I bought online.

Yeahyeahyeah, blahblahblah, sushisashimiyakiyumyum, says the box. Yeahyeahyeah, blahblahblah, obiwankenobi, says the instructions that came with the set.

I did know that I should mix the liquids in the 2 bottles and I did know that I shouldn’t shake the bottle briskly, that I should blend gently, as graceful as a geisha. But how do I get the foam out??? I thought the bottle was like the usual dispenser with springs so I tugged and yanked and twisted the cap until I finally figured it out. Ah! So you squeeze the bottle to let the foam out! Arigato, God!

Ta-DAAAH! Look, ma, no mess! Applied foam all over my hair and channeled Cindy Lou Who for some comic relief for the Little Creature.

Kept the foam on my hair for almost an hour.

The result:

Before you die, you see

A red-haired Sadako!

It’s far from the shade on the Prettia model on the box and it must be because my hair was already reddish before.

Under fluorescent light… It doesn’t show but I wasn’t able to cover the white roots.

Last Sunday, I found the white roots so intolerable so I turned to Tony and Jackey for some expert root dyeing and a haircut. My mom and sister had their haircuts, too. Looks like I’ve turned them into T&J converts.

In the afternoon light…

Thanks to hubby and baby, by the way, for enduring some two hours of Me time in T&J.

“Oooh! Nice red hair! Me want to bite! Me want to yank!” says the Little Creature.


6 thoughts on “Sadako in Prettia Milk Tea Brown

  1. ButterflyMoms says:

    Hello Beautiful Sadako! LOVED reading your blog, especially the photos! I can soooo relate to white hair…even tried to be cool with it for a few months when I finally dyed it many of my friends and barely acquaintances came up to me and said some version of, “THANK GOD you got your hair done!” I didn’t know it bothered people so strongly…. hmmm all that advertising sure piled up high!

    Great big hugs,

    PS Thanks too for reading my ButterflyMoms blog! Arigato ne! :)!!!!!!!!


    • Alias M. says:

      Thanks for reading my posts as well! My own mom gets so bothered when my white hair would start to show but like her, I’m sure those who came up to you to comment on your hair meant well 🙂


      • ButterflyMoms says:

        I believe people are always trying to work out things so that they “make sense” and so that the world feels right to them… like if we follow certain rules then all is well with the world. I used it as an exercise to see if such an insignificant thing would bother me. It does affect the way people look at others but those are things that are shifting and each one of us who pushes the envelope even a wee bit push the boundary too! MWAAAAAAAAAAH! Thanks for responding!

        ButterflyMoms founder


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