In Commemoration of My Third Year as a Blogging Bloog

(What’s a Bloog? I don’t know. Ask Dr. Seuss.)

“It’s time now to sing out, though the story never ends…

One hundred fifty six weeks since I started this nonsense  

One hundred fifty six weeks and two-sixty two posts…”

(Sung to the tune of “Seasons of Love” from Rent. Obviously, I’ll never be a songwriter, but admit it, I had you singing!)

For someone whose interests are always on a short term basis (whatever happened to my online store?!?!), this has truly exceeded my self-expectations!

I started blogging because I do not want my memories to be lost… and lost they will be as my brain, aside from being a clutter of leetl gray cells, has a very low memory capacity (especially bad memories, but that’s good, right?), hence the need to “transfer” my slivers of thought to this “cyber-pensieve” (ref: Harry Potter).

I also turned to blogging mainly because I like to write and I wanted to practice writing. From time to time, I read my previous posts randomly and I somehow always find something to edit. I know I’m guilty of some grammo *cough* typo errors. I swear they’re typos!

Back then when there was no such thing as adorkable and geek chic used to be geek freak, I was a certified nerd and a bookworm. I hung out with other certified nerds and bookworms. Back then when there was no such thing as group blogging, we nerds and bookworms kept several group journals and we took turns each week to write about our crazy thoughts. The “sisterhood of the traveling diaries” may have left our fingers severely and unattractively calloused but it bound our friendship, further encouraged our love for reading and writing, and even influenced some of our career choices in a small way. Therefore, in honor of the said diaries, friendship, and callouses, my adorkable friends and I are creating a group blog. I am certain that with our common interests seen through different perspectives, the blog will be a dynamic one. That is, as soon as we agree on the title… and the platform… and the theme…

I now prefer blogging to Facebook. Used to be, people put some thought in their statuses. I used to appreciate the statuses of my contacts who were able to condense their thoughts in a witty sentence or two. I could never do that.

Now FB is abound with cryptic messages, smileys, frownies, saddies or whatever you call them. People use status updates to make their presence felt and to merely trigger comments from other users. (A case in point:  Status: 😦 Comments: “Why?”, “What happened?”, “Poor you.” Said status would even garner a few ‘likes’. It also boggles the mind that a status about a granny’s hospitalization could receive ‘likes’.) 

Some even turn the FB pages into a cyber warzone. Ceasefire! (2x) Cut the cyber-β!+©h slapping, I say!

I only visit FB to read personal messages from friends and to update my relatives overseas once in a while about the Little Creature’s development. The excessive pettiness in FB outshines my own. That’s why I prefer my own blog where I can celebrate my own superior pettigree — in lengthy paragraphs, too!

Seriously, way more than that, blogging, or more particularly, blog reading has led me to some really talented and creative writers. Sure, someone did say that bloggers are a self-centered bunch.  Bloggers write about the things they did, the things they bought, the clothes they wore, the places they’ve visited… I am inspired by their wit and originality. I’ve come across blogs that made me laugh, made me cry, and yes, even influenced my decisions (read: retail decisions). Me, me, me, yadda-yadda-yadda-yadda, say the bloggers. Hence, I feel like I am amidst like-minded individuals. Me, me, me, me, yadda-yadda-yadda-yadda, says me. I like to flatter myself into thinking that people online care about what I do.

The thing is, every person has a story to tell. These 262 posts are mine. No matter how seemingly insignificant they may be to some readers, who knows, my posts, particularly that one about my bangs, could touch the life of another!

And then I realized, sometime, somewhere along the way, this online diary has become some form of therapy. There is comfort in putting my thoughts in words and having strangers across oceans instead of acquaintances across the room read them.

I am not sure if I will ever profit from writing ever again but I am lying if I say that I do not get a funny tingle in my stomach whenever I get a “new comment” or a “new follower” notification from time to time.

So, to my small number of readers and followers:  Thanks for dropping by and thanks for that tingle. Your cyber presence in This Little Creature’s world is much appreciated. It was such a pleasant surprise to see that the comments you left were not spam. (I prefer spam on my plate, not in my blog 😛 ) Gimme some more of that tingle!

Stay tuned for fortyeleven thousand more nonsensical posts!


3 thoughts on “In Commemoration of My Third Year as a Blogging Bloog

  1. Micah says:

    I’m leaving you this little tingle. Hahaha. Seriously I totally get you with this blogging thing being a sort of therapy. Congratulations on your 3rd year of blogging. It’s quite a feat! Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts


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