The Little Creature is 11 Months Today

He Has grown even chattier, louder, bossier, livelier, more flirtatious (I wonder where he learned that).  All he ever wants to do is play and practice walking and scampering with heavy baby steps … so hard to keep up with him… need my Starbucks salted caramel mocha…

Look at those life forms with their wicked laughs, conspiring to make mommy’s life harder for many more months. (Dear Daddy Creature, try not to laugh too wickedly, lest those nasty fillings fall out of your mouth!)

The Little Creature is often mistaken for a girl. He does look like a girl (on good days… hehehe!).  About month ago, when I brought him to the nearby park so I could eat some kwek-kwek (hard-boiled quail eggs covered in orange batter), we came across this kid with a sibling in a stroller. When he saw the Little Creature, he pointed to him and said to his sibling, “look, Sibling! A baby girrrl!” Heehee.


4 thoughts on “The Little Creature is 11 Months Today

  1. Micah says:

    Your husband and your baby’s both wearing infectious smiles. They’re both beaming with joy. Very cute. And yes your baby does look like a girl. Must be the curly locks and the long lashes. Kakagigil 😀


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