Eine Kleine Morgenmusik

Pardon my Deutsche!

Last Saturday, we went to another adult workout in disguise. Musikgarten Manila held a trial class in our Clubhouse subdivision. Not one to pass up a freebie, I dragged Hubby and the Little Creature to the Clubhouse.

Here’s the flyer. Crumpled and chewed on by the Little Creature but still readable.

The class began a few minutes late due to some technical problems and it was such a warm day but the kids didn’t mind, of course, so who were we to complain?

“Tweedle-dee-dee, tweedle-dee-dum, Let’s see who’s here to have some fun!” We chanted.  It felt silly, coming from adults like me but seeing the delighted faces of the kids, I kept at it until I got the hang of it.

There were some 10 kids in the class and one by one, they went to Teacher Michelle to play the xylophone. The Little Creature was last and he was so eager for his turn.


Uh oh, the xylo stick seems to be stuck in the Little Creature’s hand!

There were some more singing and bouncing and dancing and jumping and banging and hoola hooping —


— all in all a fun morning for the Little Creature and a tiring one for me.


The Little C loved the drum the most because it made the most noise.

The Little C claims ownership of the drum!

Poor sweaty Teacher Michelle. But it was a success. The kids enjoyed it.  The Little Creature loved the banging and the pounding and the whacking of the things.  Will we enroll him there? We-ell, it depends on Hubby… and his budget… but wasn’t it such a treat to see the Little C have some fun? 


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