Best Buys for the Walking Baby

The poor Little Creature is still feeling a bit under the weather. He’s been coughing up phlegm and then chewing it and swallowing it. Yuck, poor thing.

Anyway, while he’s recuperating and while we’re waiting for his next antics, here he is during healthier times, two weekends ago.

He has taken to pushing stuff especially those with wheels, such as the computer chair during the last month or so. Thus, it was quite a wonderful surprise when we found out that that there is such a thing as a learning walker. He had a blast trying out all the other brands of learning walkers and racing with the salespeople in Toy Kingdom but he ended up with the Playtime brand.

What can we say other than it works for him! Pair it with the Baby Step 123 harness and we’re all set to go!

There should be learning walkers that look like actual food carts like an ice cream cart or a hotdog stand. Or even a shopping cart.

Or better yet, why not learning walkers with a dual purpose – training baby to walk while cleaning the house. A vacuum cleaner/mop walker! How about a learning walker/lawn mower? Someone should invent those.

Baby Step 123 on the other hand, reduces stooping and back pain. Great for statuesque people like us (hey, we’re all allowed to dream)!

Push, push, push at the SM Megamall while some of the other adults looked on with amusement and some of the babies looked on with envy.

The Little Creature has walked the length of the Mega B.

Thank goodness there’s an off button for the musical activity table. That lady’s mechanical voice singing the alphabet and the numbers gives me another case of annoying LSS (Last Song Syndrome).

The bestest buy for the day? Baby Crocs for the chubby baby feet! Daddy just couldn’t resist!

Father and son bonding time.


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