Manicure and Motherhood

Mixing them is quite a challenge.

I had my nails done for the FIRST time this year. Finally, I had a few minutes to spare so I went for a quick stopover at a salon this afternoon.

I should have known better than to go home immediately after the manicure. The polish wasn’t completely dry and the few seconds of playtime with the Little Creature has ruined the polish on the nail of my right thumb.

And I should have known better than to play with the Little Crit so soon, but he has just recently recovered from his sickness and him being back to his old, hyperactive, comical self is just so irresistible. Sigh.


I might not return to that “Perfectly Polished” salon in SM Masinag though. The manicurist was manicuring too fast, she cut the cuticle on my index finger that it bled.I gotta admit, The O.P.I. Ink is perfect for my claws! I love the color. In some angles the polish is violet. In others, it is blue like this in the picture.


7 thoughts on “Manicure and Motherhood

  1. cherelune says:

    I have only had a very few decent manicures since I gave birth and I can never paint my own finger nails at home for the same reason. Even my toe nails have hardly had any color and there was a time when I could change polish every few days to match my outfits.


    • Alias M. says:

      I know! I’ve been so deprived of such luxury that until now, even if the polish is starting to chip off, I still can’t stop staring at my nails! haha.


  2. kikaymommysha says:

    I love the color of your nail polish! Ako naman, I made sure that once a month I go to the salon and pamper myself. Kasi I don’t want the feeling of getting tired on what I’m doing, you know motherhood, career, and being wife at the same. I feel rejuvenated and relax after getting pampered. And I’m on again! 🙂


    • Alias M. says:

      I wonder how you do it. Even if I go to a salon or spa, I still can’t relax fully because my mind is wandering and wondering about my baby.


      • kikaymommysha says:

        Hubby always tell me that our son, Cyler is in good hands so there’s nothing to worry about and he said that I deserve a treat for myself. Anyway, ung two hours sa spa or salon won’t make you a bad momma after all. Everybody deserves a treat, ika nga nila. 🙂


  3. Bading Mother says:

    Aaaaah. I know what you mean! Vanity is innate with me as well. We all have to return to our motherships once in awhile. In my case it’s the salon. Hahaha! And don’t feel bad about leaving the little one for a little over an hour. You have more love and happiness to give if you feel happy with yourself!


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