Prettia Jewel Peach

Bought Prettia again online but this time in Jewel Peach.

Finally got it right. Was able to color the roots successfully.

Before dyeing on the left, color by Tony and Jackey. Jewel Peach on the right.

Dyed the roots first, left the foamy dye for about 20 minutes and then dyed the rest of my hair. Left the foam for about an hour.

Before pics…

After pics…

Doesn’t seem as if the color changed much but it is actually a shade or two brighter.

I think the instructions said to leave the foam on the hair for 20-30 minutes. (it read on the box: Japanese-Japanese-20-30-Japanese-Japanese…) but I read somewhere (in English, thankfully) that if you want to achieve the exact color of the model’s hair in the picture on the box, then you should leave the foam longer and that’s what I did. Looks like a good tip.

It takes twice as long to use Prettia than to use other regular hair dyes so this is what I did to pass the time…

I’m so careless and messy when it comes to coloring but the great thing about Prettia is that it doesn’t stain or else I’d have Jewel Peach ears as well.

I’d like an order of large fries with my ketchup and mayo please!


2 thoughts on “Prettia Jewel Peach

  1. loveliese says:

    hello, may i know where you bought the prettia in manila:)? does it come out reddish or orange-ish after leaving on for some time? i’ve used some liese products and i wanted a red color that’s visible indoors but end up getting orange-ish. forgot the colors i’ve used though. thanks!


    • Alias M. says:

      hey there. I just bought the dyes online in Multiply. You can search in the Multiply marketplace and find lots of online sellers. From experience, they’re credible sellers naman. Unfortunately, I also end up with orange-ish hair after a few washes. Last week, I tried the Cassis Berry shade. My hair looked red under fluorescent light, but outdoors, they look red orange. I am not sure how I can achieve the red shade that I really want.


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