I Sleep with Naughty Boys

We have a threesome every night. We like it rough and creative — getting into so many different punishing, masochistic positions per night.

This is what goes on in our bedroom — our own version of the Kama Sutra.

Courtesy of The Colouredful Wife. Thanks, Dear!

Ahh, sorry to disappoint you.  This is not that kind of blog.

…and yes, hubby sometimes sleeps out on the sofa in the wee hours of the morning like that last pic, to escape the kicks (the Little Creature’s and mine. I kick him for keeping me up with his snores.)

The only difference is that the mom in the images looks like she’s having a blast in dreamland.  In our case, that would be me standing up and looking down at the creatures in envy instead of hubby as shown in the upper right hand corner image. That’s why I was able to take these pictures…

My dilemma: how in the world are we ever going to break this habit?!?! Especially since I think I don’t want to. Not just yet. That warm little bundle and his sweet baby scent (when he’s not gyrating around the bed) are just so comforting.


7 thoughts on “I Sleep with Naughty Boys

    • Alias M. says:

      maybe we should buy a king size bed, too. I was reluctant about co-sleeping before but now, I’m sure this ‘threesome’ is going to go on for a long time…


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