We’re One Year Old Parents!

I never imagined we’d make it through to this day.

So what’s HE been up to? Here are updates —

  • He continues to carry on the weird sleeping habits… tossing and turning about, like a human worm or wheel. (There are times when I’d wake up and find him at the foot of the bed).  
  • He carries on with gibberish talking and grows noisier each day.
  • He likes to hear recorded animal sounds and imitates them. 
  • He recognizes some words but is still unable to follow simple commands… he does not respond to simple scolding. Tsk, tsk! 
  • He farts loudly and finds it hilarious What is it with boys and farting and pooping?
  • He just looks at me and laughs when I say his name in a loud warning tone or when I say no when he is doing something naughty or dangerous. (Where did the lovely boy go?!?!)
  • He dances the “Gangnam” style, the latest K-Pop music video that has recently gone viral.  
  • He stands and walks and runs for long periods albeit awkwardly and stiffly.
  • He sings the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, too, with his hands closing and opening. Singing it everyday for 365 days, one would think he’d finally get the tone right. Right?

— and that’s just the Duhddy I’m talking about.

So how about the Little Creature?

He has learned to “lend” his toys. Whenever he’s holding something and I’d ask to borrow it, he would drop the thing on my hand. I’d say “thank you” to teach him some manners and he would look delighted.

Sometimes, he’d even put his soother straight into my mouth when I ask to borrow it. Then he’d laugh at me and put it back into his mouth (You look silly, mommy. He probably thinks).

He has “learned” to use the IPad, or mimics the use of it anyway. He would swipe his fingers lightly at the screen the way he sees his Duhddy do it. Then he would lose his patience and would just bang on the screen or throw the IPad on the bed.

Aside from those, He is just as crazy as the Duhddy (He can say “Daddy” now, but it sounds like “Duhddy” hence the spelling).

*Insert above updates here*

Yup, he attempts to sing, too. When he hears a familiar song or a jingle, he’d “sing” “aaaah…uhhh…” in a monotone.

Well, they both have the rest of their lifetimes to get the notes right.

(posted at exactly 11:44 am, the Little Creature’s birth time)


6 thoughts on “We’re One Year Old Parents!

    • Alias M. says:

      well, I can’t really say much about my musical genes (what I had when we were in the choir was “fake” talent if there is such a thing, haha!), but I do know and appreciate good music when I hear one and good music is not what I’m hearing from the two creatures!!!


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