The Little Creature’s Post Birthday Celeb

He began with a 30 minute morning session at the Gymboree Eastwood Mall.

(I chose this pic to show off my gold nail polish. Obviously. hehe)


…munched on a Starbucks donut while us oldie creatures lunched at Crustasia Shangri-la Mall (thanks for the yummy lunch Duhddy Creature)…

(hehe, really loving my Orly Gold something nails)

… had another 30 minute afternoon session at the Gymboree Shang…

…and went shopping with mommy!

I got him a shirt and an aviator hat which he obviously hates, by the way, but the hat was just too cute to ignore.

Of course, I had to buy something for myself, too 🙂 hehehe…

(I wish there really was an action figure in the box.)

All in all a tiring but fun family day for the Little Creature.


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