Family Day

Today is our Company’s Family Day held at the Resorts World. The Theme was Flick or Treat. Three Cinemas had been reserved from 10-3pm which showed “Brave”, “Hotel Transylvania”, and “Paranorman”. There were face painting, kids’ salon, candy corner and photo booths. We didn’t stay in the area though because there were too many kids running around and adults running after them that the Little Creature might get trampled. Most of the time, we just went on our own and let the Creature totter about on the carpeted floors.

10:30 am: The Starbucks Resorts World’s first customer.

It’s The Little Creature’s cheat day! No yucky baby food today!

Duhddy indulged the Little Creature’s cheat day. Order whatever you want, he said.

Baby’s first SB drink

11:00 am at the Flick or Treat area. But where are all my friends? Inside the cinemas. We did find a couple of familiar faces and one of them was good ol’ Ronnie.

11 something-ish. Teeter totter at the ground floor. Oooh, let’s buy something for mommy! Duhddy Creature as usual played deaf. Poor Little C fell and hit his head on the cemented floors twice.

12:00nn: Lunch at the Krazy Garlik. Yum.

Me want a glass of cerveza negra!


Maybe 1:00pm-ish: Fun at the arcade.


Some 1:00pm-ish. Outside the theater where the King and I is playing. Teeter-totter-teeter-totter in the area after the shoot.

What a very tiring day running after the Little C and making sure he doesn’t hit his head again. We left the Resorts World at around 3pm and I could barely keep my eyes open in the car.

The Little C’s social life is not yet through. Tomorrow he celebrates his post birthday!

Parenthood is very tiring.

P.S. Outfit of the Day: shirt and denim cargo pants from Zara; wedges and bag from Topshop;  Arm Candy, from ME!


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