Fare Thee Well, Medela, Fare Thee Well!

… because the “well” has dried up!

Today, I say my formal goodbye to the boob shields and the membranes and the valves and the other weird looking accessories of the Medela breast pump.  Thank you, my dear cousin, for handing down this very nifty, multi-purpose machine which has not only fed the Little Creature for a year but has also toned my back and shoulder muscles from lugging it around almost every single day, from home to office and back, from my workstation to the Mother’s room and back. Will we see each other again? Umm… Will I miss you? Well, a little bit, maybe. The regular shk-shk-shk sound you make which usually hypnotizes me into falling into light sleep during our sessions at work will surely be missed. You were also a great excuse to “relax” and watch downloaded tv series while pumping at home. Now, I have no excuse to watch series and to dilly-dally (and I still have three episodes of Poirot and Season 3 of Sherlock to watch!).

To mommies who breastfeed, I salute you!

Just some advice on how to stop the flow if you’ve decided to splurge on formula like we just did: don’t stop pumping abruptly. Do it gradually.  During my early pumping days, I used to pump every three hours, even during the middle of the night. When I went back to work, I lessened the sessions to six. After eight months, to three… after none months, two sessions… then one every night… then once every other night… “And Then There Were None“, hehe.

I hereby award this Certificate of Completion to Moi!


4 thoughts on “Fare Thee Well, Medela, Fare Thee Well!

    • Alias M. says:

      thank you 🙂 I felt a little sad when the milk stopped coming but still, I am glad the little baby boy is now starting to eat regular food. It’s a treat to see the reaction on his face whenever he tastes something new 🙂


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