Remember, Remember the 5th of November (2011)

Meet November 2o11 me and the Little Creature:

Hmm… come to think of it, there’s not much difference from November 2012 me…(orange-ish) hair still dry and frizzy, legs still hairy, eyeballs still about to fall off from lack of sleep.  Only, the Little Creature has stopped the janitor-fish-like suction on my nips (and on the wall!) and has discovered another way to tire out the mommy even more: running around in circles, bumping into the grandparents’ furniture, and putting everything in his mouth. Now, it’s the Little Creature too, who’s reaching for the TV remote control and not the cat. At least the hairy lady in the illustration still lives with her cat. I miss our cats.


5 thoughts on “Remember, Remember the 5th of November (2011)

  1. newtorontomom says:

    haha, love the illustration!
    Yeah, Timothy was the barracuda baby – OUCH!!!
    Now I like breastfeeding – it’s so peaceful and quiet (unless Timothy gets distracted… then it’s a battle :))


    • Alias M. says:

      I also found breastfeeding comforting after the pain ceased. But just when I had gotten used to it, the little one started teething and began biting on my nipples! He even found it funny whenever I yelped in pain and surprise. I had to stop feeding directly then.


      • newtorontomom says:

        The advice I got was not to make any noises/faces, but to firmly push the baby’s nose into the boob (it sounds horrible, but the idea is to make them open their mouth to gasp for air – and let go of the nipple). Timothy got offended when I repeatedly did this a few times to him and refused to finish that nursing session. However, since then he seldom bites – and whenever he does, I do the same push again. It works…


        • Alias M. says:

          Oh, I wish I knew that before so I didn’t have to stop breastfeeding him directly. Thanks for the tip, though. I will remember that in case the next baby comes, haha 🙂


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