Down came baby, bucket and all

The other day, my Dad put him inside an empty pail to play. The Little Creature really loves pails, whether to bathe in, to play in or to play with. So play, play, play they did. But the Little Creature stood up inside the pail and leaned forward. He was too fast for poor, ageing dad so he wasn’t able to catch Little C in time. The pail toppled and the poor Little Creature fell down, thank goodness, he didn’t “break his crown”, but he did hit his head on the tiled floor.  Poor, poor thing. He had this big, ugly, black and blue bruise on the left part of his forehead. He seemed to have moved on pretty well after the incident but still, we had to stay at the hospital overnight just to make sure that he’s ok… and he is ok. 

So, dear Dads and Grandads out there, please be careful with the babies and the buckets!


3 thoughts on “Down came baby, bucket and all

  1. mogispie says:

    glad he’s ok.. granddad’s forget that these kids are wriggly worms. Just this morning I told my mom, “its ok he’s with dad, well then again… that would be like saying he’s with Yori (the cat).” LOL


    • Alias M. says:

      haha, and granddads forget that they’re not as spry as they were when they were young… or they’re just in denial. But I’m glad too that dear baby is ok. What a relief.


  2. newtorontomom says:

    they are sturdy little things… unfortunately, they will fall so many times more *sigh*
    Timothy is pulling up on things – and so far he always falls back, bumping his head. No bruises and no hard crying, so I figure it’s all part of growing up. How will he know not to fall if not through realizing that it hurts?.. Poor babes. Bumping their heads, growing teeth… no wonder they don’t wanna remember these early years of their lives 🙂


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