Lush Snow Fairy Showel Gel

The Snow Fairy works her magic on everyone then vanishes until next Christmas. Grab her and take her into a shower near you while you can.

She’s back for the Holidays!  

Most people look forward to the Starbucks Holiday Beverages and the Limited Edition Planners every Christmas. 

I look forward to the Snow Fairy shower gel.

I am not sure, but does it look more densely pink than before? Or maybe it’s just the new packaging. I like the previous signature black Lush label better. Now, it’s just sooo… sooo pink!  It reminds me of the pink cuticle remover.

The scent is consistently sugary (and sometimes, sickeningly) sweet but I’ve noticed, throughout the many Christmases and post Christmases I’ve used it that there are other hints of flavors, both distinguishable and indistinguishable.  There were times when I could smell bubblegum and cotton candy, but there were also times when I thought I could get a whiff of strawberry and a fake banana flavor. Maybe it depends on whoever the Lush chemist is.

It is glittery, too. In previous Christmases, there were a lot of glitters in the formula. This year, there aren’t that much. Again, maybe it depends on the chemist, although I do not know its purpose other than the prettification of the packaging since I do not come out of the bathroom all sparkly and shiny.

I like to use it on my hair too, even if it is a little drying because the scent lasts. It keeps my hair from smelling like hair!

My mission in January: Prowl in as many Lush stores and as fast as I could because the shower gel would be on sale by then!


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