Project Lakbay Aral: The Mind Museum Tour

Here’s another inspiring project of friend Ciel. For her birthday, she invited dozens of kids for a tour at The Mind Museum.  Because there were so many kids and thankfully, many sponsors as well, the museum trip was divided into two batches. The first was last November 11 and the second was last November 18, which we were able to join. The project was a success!

borrowed from Ciel’s FB page

And what fun it must have been for the kids.

borrowed from Ciel’s FB page

Sure, we were there last weekend but we wouldn’t really know because as usual, hubby’s and my stupidity reigned once more, and conjugal stupidity is frustrating (I’m itching to blame someone for the blunders but I can’t blame hubby since I’m half of the guilty party. He must feel the same way) and embarrassing (we’re just too old for this!).  I’ve been a little out of touch from FB-ing so we didn’t know that the tour was supposed to start at 9am and would end at 12 noon. The good thing was, we left home early because we wanted to buy a pair of shoes for dear baby first before going to the museum. Thank goodness for Ciel’s text, we found out that we were already late. We arrived at the museum at past 10. Of course we would have arrived a few minutes earlier had we known exactly where it was. Again, we didn’t check the address. Thankfully, there was still plenty of time to look around. Looks like the curious Little Creature had loads of fun. While I wasn’t able to appreciate most of the exhibits, I had fun watching Little Tristan’s reactions to them.

One small step for the little one…


Fractals (I first learned about these thingamajigs so many years ago. One of the default screensavers of Microsoft was about fractals… and from fictional Professor Ian Malcolm in the book version of the Jurassic Park).


Where are we vacationing next summer? (Umm… no, definitely not there!)

 Bernoulli’s Principle: Wingardium Leviosa!



The Kaleidoscope: Duhddy teaches the Little Creature how to be a Peeping Tom

 He had the most fun playing with these cubes.

 Lunch was at 11am and of course we were late. We exited the Museum and hurried to the second floor of the Jollibee Branch outside the Museum. Yes, lunch was served at the second floor… inside the Museum! We couldn’t reenter anymore because another batch of visitors were already in line at the entrance. Oh so many blunders.

We should have been in this group photo. Grrr…

Borrowed from Ciel’s FB page. Can you find the birthday celebrant amidst the smileys?

But at least the Little Creature enjoyed the tour. It was a good weekend, right Little C?

Ja, zehr gut, zehr gut!

Duhddy and Little Creature OOTD:


3 thoughts on “Project Lakbay Aral: The Mind Museum Tour

  1. Ciel says:

    Much, much thanks for supporting my Lakbay Aral Project, sis! I’m truly blessed to have friends with generous hearts. Next year, we’re doing the Philippine military shrines tour. I hope to help in the effort of sowing seeds of patriotism among our youth. 🙂


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