Luck Be the Baby Tonight

This is the list of items I’ve won in raffle draws over the years:

rice cooker

rice cooker

desk fan

rice cooker

desk fan

Did I win another rice cooker? I can’t remember anymore. I lost track of all the rice cookers I received over the years, including all those that hubby and I received at our wedding.

I was always the one who would either end up going home just empty-handed  or with the most boring raffle prizes during social gatherings. Dear Hubby has had a little more luck. He won a couple of so-so cash prizes, I think, and an overnight stay in some resort a while back, which we didn’t use anyway. Still, it was a way cooler prize.

So anyway, about three months ago, we received two raffle tickets for purchasing the Little Creature’s booster seat in SM Megamall. 

About a month ago, hubby received a letter from SM Megamall stating that we won a ten thousand peso worth of shopping spree!  For someone with my record of desk fans and rice cookers, winning a shopping spree of P10,000.00 is just the most exciting prize!  

Umm, well, technically, I didn’t win it. I stayed far and away while Hubby filled out the stubs and the Little Creature’s chubby little fingers dropped the stubs in the drop box lest my rice cooker luck rubbed off on them. But I helped choose the booster seat and it was my decision to buy one that day, so…

I guess it’s true what they say: babies do bring good luck… but has he completely severed my string of rice cooker luck?

Because he was the one who dropped the stubs in the dropbox it was only fitting that most of the stuff were for him. 

Shopping Spree for Baby

(We bought lots of baby clothes and diapers and toys… we even bought him a fake laptop because he likes to pretend that he’s typing on mine, but he knows it’s fake and he hates it. FAIL.)

Next time, let’s go for the grand prize next time, Little One!


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