@14 Months

He is everywhere! I thought I just saw him being bathed by the nanny in the bathroom, but there he is, lumbering around the house with heavy baby steps (he has gotten better at lumbering, by the way, which makes me feel both proud and apprehensive. Watch out for that door!!!), entering the closets, rolling on the bed, watching TV, playing with the IPad, messing with my trinkets, chasing the cats, baby bear-hugging me from behind… Have the parallel universes somehow merged at some points in space and time and the little creatures in these universes crossed over to this version of the universe to join forces, play tricks on us, and tire us out? It is like there are four of them we’re taking care of these days. Fortunately, buckets and pails still have not lost their charm. These can distract him for just about 5 minutes a day, but oh my, what heaven those 5 minutes are! Yes, there is still that racket he makes with the crashing and banging of the toys and even the occasional whacking of an unidentified flying object against our faces but still, the bucket gives us the chance to catch our breaths and rest our aching legs and backs!

Baby Everywhere!

To top it all off, he has discovered the wonders of climbing! The Little Creature tottering around as if I’ve laced his milk with booze is nerve-wracking enough but his daring explorations of the stairs and chairs and the plastic storage boxes are downright terrifying! He has even figured out to turn over the pail upside down and stand on it.

I never cease to be amazed by all the mothers out there with many little creatures to take care of; who are able to maintain regular day jobs; who have time for some socializing in the evenings and who still manage to look amazing. How is that even possible?!?! Really, how?!?! Maybe the parallel universes merged at some points in space and time in their favor and all the versions of the mothers converged and joined forces to play tricks on everyone else.

I can’t recall ever teaching him how to smile in front of the camera, but he somehow figured it out. When we point the camera or cellphone at him and count from1-3, he would stop whatever he’s doing, even when he’s crying, to pose and smile. Look at him go at it like I said the funniest joke.

say cheese!

My TV series review of the month: Sesame Street

You gotta hand it to Elmo! He has charmed the Little Creature. He likes Ernie and Big Bird (because he looks like a banana. He likes bananas. The only “real” word he could say these past few months is “saging”, the Tagalog for banana. Go figure.) He likes The Cookie Monster and he sways to the tune of “C is for Cookie”. He even mimics Cookie M’s voice, although he can only say “Herrrhhh”  in a raspy voice for now. We’ve been watching so many Sesame Street clips so many times that hubby and I have started to dream about them.



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