Sting Back to Bass Tour 12.09.12

I was still feeling bitter about not being able to watch the Smashing Pumpkins last August maybe that was why I wasn’t feeling extremely excited about Sting’s concert in Manila. I just wanted to watch it for sentimental reasons: he was part of my growing up years. I used to watch his MTVs with my older cousins when he was still with Police. Then my high school and college friends were crushing on him when he released “The Ten Summoner’s Tales” album. I felt bad that I wasn’t able to watch his concert when he was in Manila during the 90s. That’s why it was a must that I get to watch it this time.

Hubby, who didn’t know who Sting was -DUH- was still kind and sweet enough to get us both tickets last month, but he kept delaying the purchasing of the tickets that we ended sitting way, way, way back up there, just a row ahead of the General Admission area.

Sting Back to Bass Concert Tickets

This is me feeling tired and struggling to keep my eyes open before the concert.

Sting Back to Bass

It had been a long weekend. Our yearend party was the night before and a bunch of us also decided to drop by The Republiq bar at Resorts World afterwards… which I thought was rather senseless because once we got in, there was nothing to do but to take a couple of pictures, sway a bit to the weird house music and just simply look out of place. Then the morning of the concert, Hubby, the Little Creature, and I finally moved back to SJ after vacationing for more than a year at my parents’ home (yes, there will be a post about this), and went shopping in the afternoon for some furniture and stuff. To cap it all off, I had a rhinitis attack so I was feeling a bit under the weather.

But when Sting and his band suddenly went onstage without warning, all the tiredness and even the rhinitis were gone! AAAARGGH! I screamed and danced and sang along with the thousands of fans in the Coliseum.

The perfect cure for my rhinitis! I swear it disappeared when the concert started!

Sting Back to Bass

Give it up for Mr. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner!

Ow! Is that light coming from his expanding forehead?!?!

Sting Back to Bass

Receding hairline or not, I gotta say, he’s still yummy at 61… even if he was just the size of an ant.

Hmmm… so tiny in real life. But still yummy!

Sting Back to Bass Tour


I will not fill this post with rave reviews anymore because others who are much more eloquent most likely have already posted a lot of these.  All I can say is, I will never lose my faith in you, love! Come back!


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