12.12.12: What an auspicious day for weddings!
12.12.12: What a beautiful wedding day for dear friend and colleague Weng and her soulmate Dax.
12.12.12: What a day for bad ideas!

So off we went to Clark Air Base, Pampanga to attend the wedding of the year last, yes, you’ve figured it out, December 12, 2012.

There we were, and there I was, thinking, oh hey, if Mrs. Beckham can manage her own little soccer team and if the La Femme Jolie can do it with half the UN in tow, then handling this little creature will be painless.

Here we were just out of the car and me play acting as Posh Spice with dried blood stain colored hair and soooo feeling it. Easy peasy, right? How hard can this be?

mama lookbook

I say, very, very hard.

In two minutes, I turned into Exasperated Spice as I discovered several bad ideas which, had I used common sense, I might have avoided.

Bad idea #1: wearing 4.5 inch heels and then running after a hyperactive toddler.
Bad idea #2: wearing a dress with a loose-fitting neckline while running after a hyperactive toddler. It’s not as if I had a choice. Most necklines are loose-fitting on me. But I was ready for the wardrobe malfunctions. I was wearing a tube inside the dress. Ha! You take that, you little toddler!

mother and crazy child

Bad idea #3: wearing a pair of really shiny, really dangly earrings that attract the attention of a hyperactive, curious toddler who just wouldn’t stop tugging them.
Bad idea #4: just plain bringing a hyperactive toddler to a wedding.

Here’s me turning into Hysterical Spice. It does look as if I’m about to break into hysterics. Also, I know I put on makeup but for some reason, it faded in two minutes!



It went on like this throughout the day… until I just ended up being Fugly Spice.

baby at wedding

Duhddy Spice strutted his stuff and started out looking cool and calm and collected like those Secret Service guys… after several laps around the grassy area running after Baby Spice, his face turned oily and he ended up smelling funky.

Daddy and Baby Lookbook

Despite the fact that we were bone tired and thoroughly deglamorized by the time we got home which was almost midnight, I know I won’t be able to stop myself from repeating those bad ideas again. I complain a lot but I secretly love being with my baby of course.

It was a fun and beautiful wedding, by the way. It was nice seeing all those familiar faces once more. I think half the guests were former colleagues of mine.

So, to Weng and Dax, congratulations! Have a happy lifetime together! I know that your own little creature will be arriving soon so let this post be a warning! Bring baby to weddings and parties and everywhere else at your own risk!

Weng and Dax wedding

There’s me in one corner, in my Nanny Spice mode. Of course, the Little Creature is the only one looking at the camera.


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