Prayers for the Brave and Innocent Souls

While I have been posting about the usual trivial things that matter only to me and catching up with my fellow bloggers, I found out about the massacre in Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown Connecticut when I went to my WordPress Reader.  In the past years, I would be sad, yes, but I wouldn’t have been so affected. Anyway, it is such a distant thing to concern myself with, right? But motherhood changed me (Yaiks). I read posts which brought me to tears.

I know there is no reason to feel guilty, but I do, a little bit. As usual, I have been so wrapped up in my own nonsensical world that I was most likely the last to know about the incident.  But no matter what or when I write, no words will ever suffice. All I can give are sympathy and prayers.

I do want to share links to the posts of fellow bloggers whose poignant thoughts and words I echo and which have given me goosebumps, and from whom I found out about the incident.

Where was God from A Diary of A Mom

Wish I could protect them from everything from The Mediocre Mom

Dear Teacher and Some Hugs are Tighter than Others from Defining Motherhood

Sandy Hook Elementary School from The World According to Sylvia Garza

Newtown, Connecticut from The Thinking Mum

Where is the Love from Kikay Mommy Sha

There are countless more opinions about this. Some people blame God. Some people blame the school. Some people blame the society. Some people blame guns. I know how to use a calibre .45 and an M16 rifle and I’ve been trigger happy with target boards and metal plates in some previous chapters of my life but I never once thought of aiming these at any living thing, not even at a tree. But here’s one post that totally made my goosebumps disappear. There’s one lady who wants everyone to gang rush the shooter. By all means, let’s! Oh, wait, let me just get into my invincible Lara Croft tank top and shorts. Duh.

Yo! Gangrush the Shooter by Happy Valley News


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