2012 Fash Trends I don’t get

Maybe it is because I’m not really into trends…or maybe it is just because I’m not fashion forward. The avant garde and the bold devotees of such styles might scoff at my less than daring tastes but well, the wheels (and reels, hence the movie imageries) in my head are turning and these are my takes on the trends of 2012. Now in theaters near you.

Movie 1. Feel like seeing a Comic Book adaptation? How about some superhero stuff? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, oh, wow, it’s THE Mullet. In an elevator on one fine day, I became aware that I was with the Lady in the Mullet skirt when whoosh, she went past me and alighted, leaving the maxi part of her skirt floating and trailing behind her, making her look like some typical superheroine. Only, it’s her bottom half that was caped. If the elevator doors had closed a second too soon, our office which has about 1400 gabfesters, would have had something to snicker about during lunchtime.

Movie 2.  (Still on the mullet skirt) How about some Gothic Romance/Thriller? At parties or at bars, one may blame alcohol or low lighting for the double take at the Lady in the Mullet Skirt as she walks past you. Is that a maxi dress? But… but… wasn’t she just wearing a mini?!?!? The severe cut and opening in front that’s so in right now just makes me think of a fashion police turned axe murderer slashing at a fashion victim but ending up hacking the front of the skirt instead.

Certainly, some young Hollywood celebrities could pull it off but when I see a fellow mere human wearing such a thing, it just makes me think that the clothing is unfinished. Maybe if the asymmetry is a little more subtle, I’d get it.

Movie 3. I’m feeling a little sci-fi/dark comedy. Enter the Stepford Wives in HD Peplums.  I gave up trying to find a dress for our corporate Christmas party because in all the shops I browsed in — the dresses, the skirts, the blouses, the jackets — every piece of clothing had peplum. A few of the stores even sold detachable peplums. I am sure most of us at one time or another found herself/himself wearing the same thing as another person but witnessing a cluster of ladies in very noticeable peplum dresses during our Christmas Party reminded me of the Stepford Wives.  I might have considered wearing a peplum pencil skirt to work for a vintage-secretary look once…  if only they weren’t everywhere.  

Movie 4. The Revenge of the Nerds: The Return in 3D.  Why would people want to hide their pretty eyes behind those huge plastic framed glasses, some of these even with neon earhooks or whatchamacallits? I hated wearing glasses in elementary and high school — I wore pink ones and then maroon ones. I got teased as Miss Tapia, both in school and at home — and I swore that I will never, ever, ever, ever wear such hideous things again… except maybe inside a theater, watching a movie in 3D.

Movie 5. It’s B Movie time again– The Attack of the Flying Mustaches! I thought it was cute to find a mustache pendant once especially since it reminded me of Hercule Poirot. But now they’re everywhere! Some pendants and some prints on the clothing look more like leeches than mustaches. The white ones remind me of Colonel Sanders. Let’s hope this gets shaved off from the list of trends this year.

Movie 6. Clippity-clop, clippity- clop, it’s Mr. Tumnus from “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”. It could be Seabiscuit, too. Oh, wait, it’s just the heel-less shoes which remind me of hooves. A pair of jodhpurs and an equestrian hat would make the equine look complete. Aside from looking like one could easily lose one’s balance in them, the total look seems off balance and is confusing to the eyes. Where is the sexy line that goes from the leg and down to the stiletto?

Movie 7.  Hmmm… now brain is too lazy to come up with a movie for this. All I can say is that The Fascinators and the Lolita hats were not around when I needed them four or five years ago for a party but now, like the Flying Mustaches, they’re everywhere. It is not fascinating to see them being worn like usual everyday hair accessories. I think the trend started sometime in 2010 so I hope people can get over it soon.

The collar necklace I do get a little bit. It looks nice when worn with a simple blouse or shirt. But with a tube? Playboy Bunny, is that you?

At the Height of 2012 Fashion

Yucky artwork by Alias M. (I haven’t seen a mustache belt, but you’ll never know, there’s always some mustache thing happening out there)

There’s one thing I do get: hidden wedge sneakers! It is still a little difficult to find a pair in the malls which makes me glad because there aren’t many sporting the sneaky wedge look in the country yet.

P.S. I also do get the ombre hair — a little bit.



6 thoughts on “2012 Fash Trends I don’t get

    • Alias M. says:

      Me, too. I love dressing up once in a while but when we thought that our house might catch fire (because of the neighborhood fire), the first clothes I packed were jeans and shirts.


  1. sabscan says:

    Great post! Although I do like a good peplum, as it’s very slimming for someone with a bit of a tummy like myself. I never seem to find them when I need them in my area, though. Maybe they have landed near you from outerspace.


  2. BelleMarie says:

    I definitely have to agree with the mustaches, the heel-less shoes and the mullet skirt….ESPECIALLY THE MULLET SKIRT! I never, ever understood it and I don’t think I ever will! This post was really funny! 🙂


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