Boardwalk Empire

Because I think Steve Buscemi is a great actor (those globulous eyes could look so benevolent in one second and really weird/creepy the next)…because I am loving The Boardwalk Empire with the rest of the great cast… because I am wowed by the setting (visually stunning, said the critics, and oh-so lavish, and I absolutely concur)… because I am fascinated by the plot and the jazzy scores… and last but not the least, because I love the 20s fashion, although in this case it’s the men’s wardrobe that’s catching my eye…

I’m jumping on the bandwagon to Boardwalk in my “Nucky Thompson” wingtips.

Walk on the Boardwalk

Walk on the Boardwalk

They’re not in the same color as Nucky’s wingtips in the opening credits but they will do for now.

Nucky Thompson brogues

Nucky Thompson’s brogues (pic not an original from me)

None of the cast members seem yummy Vitamin As for the eyes and I am not going to drool over them (like what I did during the Prisonbreak Season 1 and 2 spells) but Steve Buscemi is almost… uhm… ehrrr… handsome and dapper — no there’s nothing wrong with my eyes but his talent and those suits are really distracting — like David Niven handsome and dapper. Yup, the acting skills and those very detailed tailored vintage suits of the rest of the cast really do something to upgrade their coolness levels!

Gollum in suits? My precious... my precious...

Gollum in suits? My precious… my precious… (pics borrowed from so many sites I could not remember anymore. sorry)

I will now stop my useless rambling (examples: “likey!”, “nice!”, “wow!”, “I want one of those!”, “I wish I lived during the 20s”) about the costumes and the show anymore and I am just going to lead my readers to the following better written posts:

Nucky Thompson’s Eveningwear by BAMF Style

Boardwalk Empire Costumes Bring 1920s Roaring Back by Millie Deel




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