Christmas Vacation Day 1: Ark Avilon Zoo


I finally had some time to sort the pictures of our Christmas vacation, and boy there are really a lot. The Little Creature had a very busy vacation. Since it was a long vacation for both hubby and me, we took advantage of our time together and whisked the little crit away and off to as many local sites we could go to. Plus, it was his second Christmas on earth but it was like his first because by then, we could actually interact and “converse” with him.  During his real first Christmas, he just stared blankly at us most of the time.

December 23. Our first stop was the Ark Avilon Zoo. Located in Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue, near Tiendesitas, the mini zoo is the only interactive indoor zoo in the country. It resembles Noah’s Ark and is home to exotic animals like the white tiger, the jaguar, the sun bear, the Philippine serpent-eagle, lion, tiger, and many more (Wikipedia). It resembles Noah’s Ark because the zoo is thus shaped although it seems that many of the animals did not have their hunnybunnies with them. Weren’t they supposed to be in pairs? I did think the concept was cool and different. The entrance fee is P300 which seemed pricey for a mini zoo. But the facilities seemed well-maintained and the animals healthy, so I guess that’s fine with me.

My parents have a lot of pet birds so baby Tristan is used to them. He thought it was ok to just go ahead and grab at the Macaw while Duhddy looked on, worried about his ear.

Macaw at the Ark Avilon Zoo

That’s Jenny the Orangutan, not mommy.

Orangutan at the Ark Avilon Zoo

Oooh, a turtle’s tummy!

Turtle - Ark Avilon Zoo

Ewww, rodents!

Rodents - Ark Avilon Zoo

A giant rodent!

Big mouse at the Ark Avilon Zoo

More birds…

Birds at the Ark Avilon Zoo

The White Tiger

White tiger at the Ark Avilon Zoo

Nice wallpaper

Ark Avilon Zoo

Is that a sloth? I can’t be sure but I sure would like to take it easy and sloth around like it.

sloth? at the Ark Avilon Zoo

Dear baby wants to grab at the snake, too. As is his habit, he even squeezed a part of it between his fingers.

Python at the Ark Avilon Zoo

Neigh, neigh.

pony at the Ark Avilon Zoo


pony at the Ark Avilon Zoo

Funny faces

stick your tongue out!


fish at the Ark Avilon Zoo

Photos taken from Duhddy’s IPhone hence the low res. Too bad. More fish to come on Day 2 of The Little Creature’s Christmascapades at the Ocean Park.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Vacation Day 1: Ark Avilon Zoo

  1. May De Jesus-Palacpac says:

    Wha..?!?!?!?! Ark Avilon is near our place? I went to an “avilon” zoo once but it was way far and we had to cross that muddy, broken bridge affected by some landslide. grrr! And we went all the way to Manila Zoo only to find goats in the cages, seriously! Thanks for this! Your pics make me envious.


    • Alias M. says:

      Yeah! I also just found out about the Ark Avilon Zoo recently when we were trying to search online for places to take our son.


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