Christmas Vacation Day 2 Manila Ocean Park

The Little Creature’s vacay Day 2, December 24.

It was quite crowded when we went to the Manila Ocean Park. This was expected since it was the Christmas Season.

Manila Ocean Park

On the way to the Oceanarium

We just went to the Oceanarium which was I think P400/head. The shows and the other exhibits seemed pricey.

Manila Ocean Park

The Oceanarium is home to 10,000 marine life species indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Manila Ocean Park

In the 25 meter-long walkway tunnel

Manila Ocean Park

“Little fish, big fish swimming in the water… come back here and give me my Little Creature

Manila Ocean Park

I am sure I remembered my Biology correctly. Those two fishies behind us in the picture below, a shark and most likely a remora, have a bio relationship known as commensalism wherein the remora uses the shark as its transport and protection while the shark couldn’t care less. Someone, who’s mouth shot off faster than the speed of his neurons and had me ROFLMFAO, exclaimed “It’s breastfeeding!” (Mmm… gourmet shark dairy, yum.) Who said this? Well, there were just three of us around, I know I didn’t and the Little Creature couldn’t speak yet, so…

Manila Ocean Park

More fishies.  Ooooh, said the Little Creature once more. I’m glad he’s a curious little thing and not a scaredy cat at all.

Manila Ocean Park

The view in the elevator

Manila Ocean Park

The view outside. Very nice.

Manila Ocean Park


Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park

All in all a good day.  Idon’t recall seeing a lot of those info boards or tags about the animals. I think there should be more of that.

The Manila Ocean Park can’t compare to the the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the HK Ocean Park but I’m glad we have an Ocean Park in the country. It is a good way for children to learn. At least kiddie field trippers now have more options to go to. Back in the old, old days, we just went to the Mongol Pencil Factory, the Coca Cola Bottlers Company and many other dilapidated parks.

Now, even if the Little Creature has not fully comprehended what he’s seen that day, I’m sure he was able to appreciate the sites and sounds and colors of his surroundings. Anyway, it was such a treat for us to see his curious little face looking around, soaking up all the things about him.

Next stop: more water. This time outdoors at the White Rock Beach Resort in Subic.


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