Better than coffee

I was about a couple of seconds away from snoring on my feet when I got home, but was jolted into wakefulness as if someone dowsed me with a bucket of espresso when I saw that the wedge hi-top sneakers I ordered from The Shoe Goddess arrived! My two month-long wait is finally over. Thanks, Shoe Goddess!

I tried them on, did a retouch of my makeup, and dragged my less than enthusiastic hubby outside to take pictures of me in the rain. Weren’t you just complaining about your lack of sleep? He asked, maybe hoping that reminding me of it could make me revert to lethargy so he could get out of whatever I was about to make him do. Nope, this is better than coffee! I said cheerfully, hence the title. Duh.

His half-hearted, two minute photo shoot resulted to about 50 shots of me in various smirks, wonky smiles, lip puckers gone wrong, and scowls which were directed at the reluctant photographer — take my picture this way! Not that way! Don’t make me look like I have short legs! That’s my bad angle!… — that almost all found their rightful place in the Trash Bin except for the ones below. I was tempted to delete these as well but it would have been such a waste of hubby’s grudging effort. Plus, I’d end up with nothing to post.

The wedges in the sneakers I first ordered from the Shoe Goddess were more obvious so I like this pair better. I was hoping that the color was darker though. I didn’t realize they’d be so light. So now I have to figure out how to wear them with jeans without looking like a Seinfeld wannabe or to wear them with a pair of shorts without looking like an ageing Spice Girl fan who has not moved on.

Wedge sneakers

I cropped this from one of my scowling photos:

wedge sneakers

… and here’s me doing a bow-legged Quasimodo showing off the roots of my hair. Still a bad angle. What a total waste of eyeliner.

wedge sneakers

So, did I nail the Seinfeld look or what?

P.S. That jacket was one of my best buys this January. It’s a Zara TRF which I just got for Php1,200 at the SM Surplus Store. Great for the cool weather this month and great for casual Fridays at the office where it’s always wintry and freezing.


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