D-I-Y Studded Sneakers

“Shoes are boring. Wear sneakers”, says the new tagline of Converse. I haven’t been wearing Converse sneakers for a long time but well, the wedge sneakers have become a weekend staple.  I now have three pairs in black and from afar, they look the same. So I decided to put studs on the sneakers that my aunt from Chicago bought for me.

wedge sneakers


A pair of sneakers, of course

JRE6000 industrial strength superglue (it’s too pricey for P400)

studs (I bought these in Carolina’s. They sell these plastic studs which look like metal per yard. I needed only about 1/10 of a yard but the store would only sell half a yard at the least for P150.)

glue applicator (which I didn’t have to so I used an old pencil to apply the glue at the back of the studs)

Directions: Estimate the length of the studs to be put on the straps, cut them into strips,

plastic studs

…spread glue on them evenly, wait for 2 + minutes, and glue them on the straps.

After a few minutes, voila!

studded wedge sneakers

Test drive.

wedge sneakers

Somebody really wants to be in the picture!

wedge sneakers

I suddenly miss doing arts and crafts. I might end up putting all the leftover studs on my clothes and shoes.

wedge sneakers

P.S. The Eyeem, Pixlr Express, PicsArt, Pixlr-o-matic, and Photogrid phone apps are so cool.


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