Reminiscences: Tibetan Trunks and Star Wars (and Kewpie Dolls)

Tibetan Trunk 


That is a “Tibetan” “antique” trunk made of paper mache and leather which I got in Korea  many years ago. It is most likely a phony and most likely made in China like the Korean wedding ceremonial trunk that my mom bought which we saw had a stamp of “made in China” at the back when we got home from our trip. But it doesn’t matter. I love my phony trunk. It goes so well with the old, dilapidated house we live in. I used to bring it with me at Christmas fairs and bazaars, open the lid and display the accessories that I made to make it look like some bohemian treasure chest, with one kewpie doll standing inside, watching over it.

Kewpie Doll

It worked. It caught a lot of attention and may even be one of the reasons for the increase in sales. Some asked me if it were for sale. Some even wanted to buy my kewpie doll.

Anyway, now that I am over my bohemian phase (and with my very own live kewpie doll), I’ve reverted to geekiness (yes, I’ve always been one and I am not ashamed to admit it).

I keep my most prized possessions in the trunk.

Open the lid  for an exciting voyage to many different worlds.

books and trunks

 There’s my small collection of comic books and some of my favorite books, or books that I’ve reread once or twice or even more. I used to have hundreds of books but I sold some during the bazaars and those that I thought either boring or fairly entertaining but highly forgettable are currently in my “to sell” box.  Nope. Not a single shade of grey in this trunk at all. I very seldom buy a paperback nowadays to save on space and cash especially since ebooks are so easy to acquire. I buy comic books instead, not because I am into superhero stuff but mostly because of the artwork. Of course, the artwork wouldn’t be the same if viewed on an ebook reader.

I do miss the smell of books. Sometimes I open the trunk just to get a whiff of the musty pages.

Here is a book that I have read over five times: The STAR WARS Trilogy. It may not be the greatest novel but I love it and I love the films. They remind me of my childhood. My dad used to tease me that I looked like Yoda (and my mom used to tell me that I looked like Tattoo. Did I really look that weird back then?)

I bought a used paperback in Book Sale in 1999. How could I not know? I used to write dates of purchase on the first pages of my books. I got this habit from my grade school friends.

Star War Paperback

I must have watched the movie versions of the trilogy more than 30 times. The Main and Vader’s Themes never fail to send chills down my spine. I remember watching the trilogy over and over in VHS with my brother.  When the VHS became obsolete, I bought VCDs of the episodes. When we had cable installed, there was a year when the trilogy was shown on it over and over and over and over… I didn’t anticipate and watch all the reruns but if I happened to turn on the TV and any of the trilogies was on, I would watch it even if it was about to end. I think it’s the same thing with my dad and brother. I remember watching one of the trilogies in the sala and my dad passed by. When he saw Vader on screen, he stopped, maybe forgot what he was doing, and just sat down and watched with me.

About 2 months ago, I was in Powerbooks, standing for almost an hour at the graphic novels section, looking clueless, and trying to decide what to buy. When I had finally settled on “The Avengers Origin” and was about to pay for the comic book, I saw the Star Wars leather bound edition on the counter. I put back the Avengers on some shelf and grabbed the book. It was wrapped in plastic but it still did not keep me from stroking Darth Vader’s face on the cover.

When I got home, I came to the sudden WTF realization. How unwise! I still have the paperback version which I can still read even if the pages are worn!

Star Wars

Oh well, what can I say. I am weak. I will fail as a Padawan because I will definitely crossover to the dark side. Vader has just lured me into buying the leather bound edition which I most probably won’t use anyway (Look at that headgear!). I only opened it to get a lungful of the crisp pages. I now regret destroying the plastic wrapper.

Front page art work

Star Wars Leatherbound

Back page art work

Star Wars Leatherbound

Bad ass M&Ms. No, they don’t come with the book. I just couldn’t resist taking pictures of my Little Sith Lords. The bounty hunter Boba Fett was not in the picture because his helmet was currently being licked by the Little Creature at the time of the Sith photoshoot. They’re mine, you Little Creature! Mine, you hear?!?!

Star Wars M&Ms

I didn’t like the prequels so much. I only enjoyed that part where Darth Maul waved his double bladed lightsaber around. So ugly but oh so graceful. And yes, adult Anakin was hot. But WHAT IS THIS I HEAR ABOUT A THIRD TRILOGY WITH EPISODE VII TO BE RELEASED IN 2015?!?!?

Please, let it be a good movie. Don’t ruin the magic for me.

Darth Vader


5 thoughts on “Reminiscences: Tibetan Trunks and Star Wars (and Kewpie Dolls)

  1. potsquared says:

    May the force be with you… I love star wars but to tell you honestly, wala pa akong napapanood ng buo sa kahit ano sa franchise nila.. Makasalanan ba ako? Wag nyo po sana ako husgahan…


  2. jay arcy says:

    hahahahahh! cute ng m&ms. san mo nabili yun? alam mo, nakilala ko sa dean koontz because of you? unlike you though, the other day lang ako nagkaron ng ebook reader, so di ako nakakadownload, at hanggang ngayon eh namimili pa rin ako ng pocketbook. a lot of my collections (enid blyton) got eaten by the pesteng anay sa house nila mama. huhuhuhuhuh


    • Alias M. says:

      I remember yung Watchers gustung-gusto natin dahil ang cute and smart nung genetically engineered doggie. May old movie nga nun pero walang kwenta. mas gusto ko pa rin yung paperbacks pero wala nang space sa house eh. and marami rin kasi kaming pet anays.


      • jay arcy says:

        kami din, maraming pet anay… ay promise, bumili ako ng own copy ko ng watchers, then somebody borrowed it at di na sinoli, so I bought another one. then I couldn’t find it anymore, so I bought another… Pag tingin ko last month, andun silang dalawa sa house ni mama… Naduling lang siguro ako, kaya di ko nakita. Favorite favorite!!


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