D-I-Y Shoe Recoloring and then some

I really do miss arts & crafts and D-I-Y projects.

My latest victims, errr, projects? These very light colored sneakers .

There are no professional vegan suede wedge sneakers colorists around (maybe I should train to be one) so I was forced to color them myself. There were a lot of D-I-Y instructions online but the dyes indicated in the instructions weren’t available locally. Textile paint would ruin the shoes, said hubby, who had some experience in silk screening.

Faaayn! For lack of other options, I resorted to the only one I could think of. If I am unable to wash off the permanent marker stains on my bags, well then, I therefore conclude that such markers would work on the shoes. Makes some kind of sense, right? So I bought Sharpie pens in bronze and gold. Maybe there is a reason why D-I-Y vegan suede recoloring list of materials does not include Sharpie pens but I will worry about that later.

I did this project about two weeks ago, but I wanted to publish this post on this date. Y? Hint, hint: smelly teen spirits, heart-shaped boxes, and smileys on dope (remember them, friends? We used to buy heart-shaped boxes just because of the title of the song. Made sense to us then.).

Sharpie pens for faux suede

The white parts, I coverd in gold, the beige parts, I used the bronze. Compare — left: sullied vegan suede; right: virgin vegan suede:

wedge sneakers recoloring

I couldn’t stop there. I felt the sneakers were still too light and my hand was itching to do more coloring. So I colored the straps and the rest of the taupe parts as well.

wedge sneakers recoloring

After 6 bronze and 1 gold Sharpie fine point pens… TA-DA! I am not sure what to do with those white thingies. In the pictures, they look great on models / celebrities. But on me, they look just like sanitary pads on my ankles.

recolored wedge sneakers

Using Eyeem Filter:

recolored wedge sneakers

My tip? To color in one direction. It’s a tip I myself didn’t follow, though, because I just didn’t have the patience. The shades came out slightly uneven but that is to be expected of suede, even vegan suede. Anyway, my excuse was, I was going for a grungy look so there was no need for a thoroughly even shade. In case the colors fade, I still have a couple of pens left for retouching. I’m crossing my fingers that these Sharpie pens would last for a long time.

The test drive. I went with hubby to a college pageant and I wanted to harness my teen spirit (still got remnants of it even if I am already light years away from teenhood) to blend in. Plus, like I said, I was going for the grungy look so I wore the sneakers with the BDU (battle dress uniform) pants  and my current favorite shirt. The print is in mirror image but only uncool people would not recognize that stoned smiley.

wedge sneakers


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and Kurt Donald Cobain

February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994



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