Downton Abbey

I just had to see what the hype is all about.

 After a couple of exciting seasons of Boardwalk Empire, everything seemed so shockingly serene and picturesque in Downton Abbey. Both series are set in almost the same era but in Downton, people have tea in dainty little teacups instead of bootleg liquor straight from the bottles, carry canes instead of Tommy guns, shoot off wry and catty remarks instead of bullets at each other, backstab instead of literal back stabs…nudity in Downton at the most was Lady Mary’s elegant and sharp shoulder blades.  In the Boardwalk, the most unforgivable sins were betrayal and murder. In Downton Abbey, going to dinner in the wrong dress or jacket and tie was most offensive.

It isn’t as fast-paced as the other TV series I usually watch and the characters aren’t as complex except for Mr. Thomas-it’s-complicated-Barrow but the background, the set, the costumes, and nearly all the characters are very charming especially the Dowager Countess Violet Crawley played by Maggie Smith.

OMG-those Lady Mary’s gorgeous gowns! I thought the hats worn in the first and second seasons were a little funny but during the third, the fashion started leaning towards the flapper as the season enters the 20s era. The cloches! The beaded flapper dresses! Beautiful! Just beautiful!

Countess Violet Crawley has the best one liners and the funniest facial expressions.  Her WTF face and reaction when she sat on a swivel chair were so unexpected and funny that for a few seconds, I thought that the scene was a blooper that the editors failed to edit out.

Matthew and Lady Mary, hmmm.  It’s so obvious how it was going to end, with those stolen glances and shared jokes and secret smiles.  

Mr. Carson and his soulful voice. Why so serious? Don’t let him catch you with a loose button!

Heeheehee at Mrs. O-Briens curly side bangs. What a dreary old woman. I love her.

(Warning: spoilers ahead!)

In Season 3, when Lady Sybil died, I cried buckets even though I knew it was coming because I came across a spoiler somewhere. The last time I cried this hard because of a show was when Jim proposed to Pam and Michael proposed to Holly in The Office and  then during Michael’s send-off (I felt like I was saying goodbye to a kooky boss). I also cried a little bit when Lady Edith was jilted at the altar.

Other than Lady Sybil’s death, I thought the third season seemed more fun and Lady Edith seemed to have recovered well (poor thing, she either gets spurned or ignored or left behind). The sassy lines weren’t limited to Cuzin Violet anymore. Almost everyone was trying to be cute, maybe because the writers thought that English aristocrats being funny were selling. Even Lady Cora, despite her default sad, sympathetic face, started delivered a sassy line or two.


Lord Crawley — what does he do? He’s always in the library. Is he a house husband? I kind of get the part where the ladies just loaf around, change into different clothing several times a day and look pretty the whole time. But what do Lords do anyway?

The Turkish guest, Mr. Pamuk’s mysterious death. Was this supposed to be funny? I know death is tragic… and what a waste of male prettiness, but the awkward way he died and Lady Mary’s bafflement and fear were funny. Yes, I’m morbid.

I had such high hopes for some thrilling illicit love affair but that millisecond encounter between Lord Robert and the maid was just boring. He is just too nice.

Poor Miss Shire was bumped off so conveniently and that inheritance… so convenient. Almost everything just seems to fall into place.

Other than those minor distractions, I can’t wait for Season 4.

I think I have had enough of seriousness for a while.  I did get my nonstop craziness fix at Greendale Community College previously (soooo funny — is all I can say about Community) and I miss ROTFLMAO-ing so it’s time to check in with another crazy group of people at Pawnee, Indiana. Vote for Knope!


One thought on “Downton Abbey

  1. cherelune says:

    Richard and I are now enjoying season 1! I didn’t finish reading this to avoid spoilers, hehe. (But oops, I accidentally saw the one about Lady Sybil. Pffft! And I love her too!)


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